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Isaiah 28 = II Nephi 28, 29 Parallel

Discovered by Sterling D. Allan, May 20, 1992

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There are 177 consecutive parallels between Isaiah 28 and II Nephi 28,29.  This is not a quotation scenario, but a matter of divine instilling of a hidden message, now decoded.

Due to the size of this document, it has been broken into six segments as follows.  The left-hand column represents text from Isaiah 28 that corresponds to sequential text in the right-hand column from II Nephi 28, 29.

Isaiah 28 = II Nephi 28,29
Discovered by Sterling D. Allan, May 20, 1992




Isaiah 28 II Nephi 28, 29


Isaiah 28:1 II Nephi 28:11


Isaiah 28:5 II Nephi 28:20


Isaiah 28:9 II Nephi 28:26
GO Isaiah 28:14 II Nephi 28:31
GO Isaiah 28:20 II Nephi 29:1
GO Isaiah 28:24 II Nephi 29:7

PDF click here to view entire document in PDF


"The Drunkards of Ephraim" and "the Great and Abominable Church"
A study of Isaiah 28:2-3  in parallel to II Nephi 28:16-19
This excerpt comes from the Isaiah 28 = II Nephi 28,29 Parallel
It is about the great & abominable church, accountability to be a light to the world, and the culpability when Lord's people do not oppose evil -- equates the Drunkards of Ephraim with the Great and Abominable Church.


"Strong Drink" & "the Prophet"
A study of Isaiah 28:7  in parallel to II Nephi 28:21-23
This excerpt comes from the Isaiah 28 = II Nephi 28,29 Parallel
About the intoxicating power of Satan's lie that "All is well in Zion."


"They Will Deny Me"
A study of Isaiah 28:16  in parallel to II Nephi 28:32
This excerpt comes from the Isaiah 28 = II Nephi 28,29 Parallel
About the Gentiles denying the Lord, the sure foundation.


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