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Jim Harmston's TLC
Perfecting the Mistakes of the Past -- A Polemical Commentary


The 'True and Living Church of Jesus Christ of Saints of the Last Days' (TLC) focuses on Mormon fundamentals given to a rebellious people, and takes them to their extreme.

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Jim Harmston's TLC -- Perfecting the Mistakes of the Past - Essay by Sterling D. Allan
The True and Living Church of Jesus Christ of Saints of the Last Days - Account in defense by disciple John Baker
Joseph Maudsley on Why He Left TLC - Son of former TLC apostle describes inconsistencies.
Jim Not a Meritorious Neighbor - Observations by Susan Carter
TLC Patriarch Replies to Susan
Harmston Video from early 1990s
TLC Cult Breaking up from the Inside - 18-year member, Morrie Cloward, describes the power trip being played by the founder of the  Mormon split-off group, the "True and Living Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints". (Greater Things; May 31, 2011)
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Jim Harmston's TLC -- Perfecting the Mistakes of the Past

From: Sterling D. Allan <>
Date: Sunday, October 24, 1999 8:31 AM
Subject: {888} Manti and Harmston's TLC

David's Outcasts -

SUBJECT: Some Personal Perspectives on Jim Harmston's TLC -- perfecting the mistakes of the past.

{name withheld},

In saying, "This is the kind of thinking we need to have," I meant that we need to be willing to examine all things and not accept them just because the greats before us did them.  Parroting the past only repeats the errors of the past.

Did you read my essay on Polygamy and the reasons I gave for questioning it as being a necessary prerequisite, and that making it so is not doctrinal and causes a stumbling block?

I'm not dismissing polygamy altogether, for I acknowledge that for some that may be exactly the test they need.

What I am questioning is the validity of making it a necessary prerequisite -- especially based on the Abraham model, for I believe Abraham's example on this matter was to make a mistake and learn from it.

Yes, the Harmstonites are very much to themselves.  Very exclusive, nearly to the point of being cold.

They believe the day of warning is passed, and are just hunkering down for the destructions.  Why bother with talking to people, they are all damned, is the attitude I perceive from them.

They've removed all instructional material from their website ( and now just post a one-page warning.

At least they end it with an invitation.

"Individuals who are truly seeking Zion and who are willing to sacrifice the ways of this world are invited to E-mail or write us. Sincere seekers will not be turned away and will be communicated with on an individual basis."

As for sincerity versus authoritarianism, I would have to say from my own exposure, from my gut feeling, and from the exposure of others, that authoritarianism is a hallmark of the TLC (and of polygamy generally speaking -- hence the two go hand-in-glove).

I have spoken to several high-level defectors from the group who paint Jim not as a sincere person with whom they had honest differences and thus parted, but as a willful and malicious deceiver and back-stabber.  Because of the oaths and knowledge some who are yet in have with the group, they are in so deep that they don't dare leave for fear of their lives.

Is this the way to run the kingdom of God?

I don't think so.  Satan is the one who keeps people in with barbed wire.

Yet all they are doing is restoring the blood oaths that Brigham introduced and which were subsequently deleted from the temple ceremony. 

Can you see why I make such a point of the need to examine every belief that has been handed down to us and not accept it just because the greats of the past engaged in it?

My attendance in TLC and pre-TLC related functions has included going to one of their Sunday services a couple of years ago, attending a Columbus day celebration (500 years on 1992, when so many of us were anticipating things coming down shortly -- perhaps we've been given more time because the repentance of a sufficient core?), attending two or three home dinners, potlucks or parties; and sitting in discussion with Jim at his home along with a couple of other people for a few hours back in '92?

Much of my association has been indirect, for many of my friends and acquaintances became members of the group.

I've included Ray and Trisha Jenkin as recipients of this correspondence.  They live in Manti and were in the head councils before a big split a few years back.  I met them recently and consider them to be friends.

I would strongly urge you to discuss your questions with them.

They were there when the church was formed (when the split took place -- one of them).

I'm also including the address of Gladell Maudsley, who is a current (and very supportive) member of TLC.  Perhaps she would like to discuss these things with you.

Perhaps you need the TLC in your path of progress in order to get some of these things out of your system.  Sometimes experience is the best teacher.

I am guessing that previous mortalities probably taught me through experience, so precept is sufficient now for me to learn these lessons.

As for the reason for my excommunication, the letter I received said it was for "extreme beliefs regarding a Davidic Servant."  See

Best wishes,



-----Original Message-----
From: ****
To: <>
Date: Friday, October 22, 1999 5:12 PM
Subject: Re: Manti and Greater Things

Brother Allan,

I truly appreciate you responding to my email and giving me some of your views on the True and Living Church and your ideas on the Fullness of the Gospel.  I must say I cannot agree with the idea that Joseph was deceived with Plural Marriage.  I believe it is not lack of faith and it has caused many to put there all on the altar... I do appreciate you expressing your ideas though.

"Whether I am right or wrong on that point, I believe it is that kind of thinking that we need to have."  What do you mean by this?  Why should we believe something that is wrong???

You mentioned attending various TLC activities, do they allow outsiders to attend?  I was not aware of this.  I know they stopped giving the Models, but there are some recordings available and I hope I can talk one of their apostles into allowing me to watch least.  To be honest, I don't know if Harmston was sincere or not...but that is an issue that is very important to me.  (The issue of Sincerity not Authority...authority is a different issue.)

Yes, I can hardly agree with bragging about excommunications!  It is good that you resisted.  Why were you excommunicated may I ask?  You mentioned it had something to do with your acceptance of Benson's warnings...but nobody I know has been ex'd for being in the John Birch Society - I know at least one member who is and I've been to some meetings with him.

Do you know many members of the True and Living Church?  I've been told they don't associate too much with the rest of Manti - is there any truth to that?

Well, I look forward to hearing from you...god bless.


-----Original Message-----
From: Sterling D. Allan <>
To: ****
Date: Friday, October 22, 1999 5:35 AM
Subject: Re: Manti and Greater Things

{name withheld},

I am quite familiar with Jim Harmston and several other members of TLC, current and former.  I have attended several of their functions over the years including church services.  (Maybe ten things in all).

I've not heard the 'Models' and I guess I sort of kick myself now for that because they don't do them anymore.

My path did not direct me to "join" them, though I certainly have sympathies with many of their beliefs.

Where I depart from them is in the tendency I see for them to seek to restore what Joseph Smith and Brigham were all about without realizing or questioning the possibility that Joseph was to Zion what Moses was to Christianity.  He knew the full program but ended up giving us a bastardized version because of the stubbornness of the people so that they might stumble because they desired it.

In the "overturning" we don't go back to the past, we get things right once and for all.

I honor and revere Abraham, but I believe that his entering into polygamy was a sign of a lack of faith in the promise he had been given, not a role model situation.  Yes he may have been "commanded" to do it -- in the same way Joseph was "commanded" to give the 116 pages to Martin Harris, namely after much begging when the Lord had already made his will known, and finally said, "okay, have it your way and you will see the folly of it."

Whether I am right or wrong on that point, I believe it is that kind of thinking that we need to have.

I sense a very testosterone-heavy approach in the TLC, very patriarchal, traditional; when what we need in this day is to elevate women who have been so put down over the millennia since the fall.  Their gifts need to be honored and even emulated, not held secondary to superior man.  They say such with their lips but I do not feel it in their lives.

Jim views me as a pansy because he is not privy to the rigors of the path I have walked.  All he sees is a man who "kowtowed" to the authorities and did not have the courage of his conviction.  He didn't even know I was excommunicated when I was but thought I had bowed down to the brethren in order to save my neck.  One of the hardest things I had to endure was to not be able to brag about my excommunication.  I had to keep it quiet, so I was in the worst of two worlds.  The Mormons could tell things were out of sorts and treated me like I had a plague, and the exed Mormons thought I was a pansy and thus had no interest in me as a person, thinking I had sold out.

But I am enormously grateful for the path I have had to tread, though it has been deeply painful.

I would be glad to meet you if you have the opportunity to drop by.

165 W. 400 N. #1

-----Original Message-----
From: ****
To: <>
Date: Thursday, October 21, 1999 10:24 PM
Subject: Manti and Greater Things

Brother Allen,

I have been reading your page for the past few days and a little from previous visits.  Its very interesting to me...I've given many of these same issues quite a bit of though, though admittedly your conclusions are very different than my own.  I have also heard about you from Mr. King over at, who said he visited with you a bit.

The real reason, I am writing though is I intend on coming to Manti in the Spring to visit the town for a week or so.  Really to attempt to study the True and Living Church and visit with numerous other individuals who have gathered there by the Spirit.  When I found your article on Manti, I had to write you a note.

So have you studied with the True and Living Church?  Have you attended the Models?  What is your impression of this Group?  How long have you lived in Manti or the Sanpete area?

Well I hope to hear from you soon and if you have any questions about me (I know I did not really provide introductory information,) I would be happy to answer them.

God bless,


The True and Living Church of Jesus Christ of Saints of the Last Days
Account of Disciple John Baker

In 1993, The True and Living Church (TLC) of Jesus Christ of Saints of the Last Days was formed.

     The man's name is James Dee Harmston.  He grew up in the LDS church, and was a lifelong very active member. He was (and is) an avid student of the Restoration.  Jim (the name he goes by here) became acutely aware of the ever widening gulf between what the Lord brought into the dispensation through the Prophet Joseph Smith, and what the   LDS have done with those doctrines. 

    He was directed to move to Manti, Utah in 1990.  It was here   on the 25th of November of that year, that he was taken into the presence of four angels and given the authority and mission to set the House of God in order, and to prepare the Elect of Israel to meet the Savior Jesus Christ. It was a re-restoration of the keys needed to finish the work the LDS began, but ultimately failed to accomplish. 

    It is the pattern type that Enoch, Moses, Abraham, Lehi and others have given us from their experience with apostate religion. 

    Incidentally, Jim did not, nor has he fully yet realized all he has to know or do to finish that mission.  Joseph spent a lot of years trying to sort out what happened to him in that first vision.  For instance he originally wrote of that experience that it was fire that enveloped all around them (Father and the Son).  He later crossed out fire, and wrote glory.

    Jim's first task was to develop and teach what we call the "models."  This is a 16 hour presentation of the doctrines associated with the "Fullness of the Gospel" of Christ.  In 1993, The True and Living Church of Jesus Christ of Saints of the Last Days was formed.  We built an ENDOWMENT HOUSE and gave a true endowment along with the Keys of the Holy Priesthood and taught the True Order of Prayer.  We called a Presiding Bishopric. Apostles were called, and the church organized up to this point.

    We have re-published the Book of Mormon, and we are in the process of doing many things. 

    It is my privilege to declare to you that James Dee Harmston is the Lords voice upon the earth.  He holds the Keys of the mysteries of Godliness.  He is the "Davidic Servant" of the Lord in the last days.  I understand section 85 and declare that Jim is the one Mighty & Strong. 

    It is nice to talk to one familiar with last days prophecy. I have loved my experience here for since my college days at BYU when I began to learn about the fullness of the gospel, I longed to be part of a people who actually lived what Joseph taught.  It has been hard at times, for we have to endure some of the problems of Kirtland and Nauvoo.  It is the heritage of the faithful to experience such things. 

    I will however testify of the knowledge I have obtained from the God of Heaven that I am fully involved in the Marvelous Work of the Father in the Last Days.  Do not take this testimony lightly, for I tell you that your search for truth has brought you to the very work that can bring you to Christ.  I speak the truth.  Ask God.  Study what we have to say.   Repent, for the day is at hand when the desolation of abomination shall overtake the wicked, and the only ones to escape are those who will flee Babylon which is spiritual wickedness and carnal security.

    If these things continue to be of interest to you, perhaps I can share some of our old web site with you.

    Again, your servant in Christ, John Baker

I refer you to the Lectures on Faith wherein we are taught what knowledge we personally must have in order to come to Christ.  I hope this is not too lengthy, but I share it with you hoping it will help you find what you are looking for.                      Lecture Sixth

Lectures on Faith, Lecture 6, p.57
1. Having treated in the preceding lecture of the ideas, of the character, perfections, and attributes of God, we next proceed to treat of the knowledge which persons must have, that the course of life which they pursue is according to the will of God, in order that they may be enabled to exercise faith in Him unto life and salvation.

Lectures on Faith, Lecture 6, p.57
2. This knowledge supplies an important place in revealed religion; for it was by reason of it that the ancients were enabled to endure as seeing Him who is invisible.  An actual knowledge to any person, that the course of life which he pursues is according to the will of God, is essentially necessary to enable him to have that confidence in God without which no person can obtain eternal life.  It was this that enabled the ancient saints to endure all their afflictions and persecutions, and to take joyfully the spoiling of their goods, knowing (not believing merely) that they had a more enduring substance.  Hebrews 10:34.

Lectures on Faith, Lecture 6, p.57
3. Having the assurance that they were pursuing a course which was agreeable to the will of God, they were enabled to take, not only the spoiling of their goods, and the wasting of their substance, joyfully, but also to suffer death in its most horrid forms; knowing (not merely believing) that when this earthly house of their tabernacle was dissolved, they had a building of God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.  2 Corinthians 5:1.

Lectures on Faith, Lecture 6, p.57 - p.58
4. Such was, and always will be, the situation of the saints of God, that unless they have an actual knowledge that the course they are pursuing is according to the will of God they will grow weary in their minds, and faint; for such has been, and always will be, the opposition in the hearts of unbelievers and those that know not God against the pure and unadulterated religion of heaven (the only thing which insures eternal life), that they will persecute to the uttermost all that worship God according to His revelations, receive the truth in the love of it, and submit themselves to be guided and directed by His will; and drive them to such extremities that nothing short of an actual knowledge of their being the favorites of heaven, and of their having embraced the order of things which God has established for the redemption of man, will enable them to exercise that confidence in Him necessary for them to overcome the world, and obtain that crown of glory which is laid up for them that fear God.

Lectures on Faith, Lecture 6, p.58
5. For a man to lay down his all, his character and reputation, his honor, and applause, his good name among men, his houses, his lands, his brothers and sisters, his wife and children, and even his own life also  -- counting all things but filth and dross for the excellency of the knowledge of Jesus Christ  --  requires more than mere belief or supposition that he is doing the will of God; but actual knowledge, realizing that, when those sufferings are ended, he will enter into eternal rest, and be a partaker of the glory of God.

Lectures on Faith, Lecture 6, p.58
6. For unless a person does know that he is walking according to the will of God, it would be offering an insult to the dignity of the Creator were he to say that he would be a partaker of His glory when he should be done with the things of this life.  But when he has this knowledge, and most assuredly knows that he is doing the will of God, his confidence can be equally strong that he will be a partaker of the glory of God.

Lectures on Faith, Lecture 6, p.58
7. Let us here observe, that a religion that does not require the sacrifice of all things never has power sufficient to produce the faith necessary unto life and salvation; for, from the first existence of man, the faith necessary unto the enjoyment of life and salvation never could be obtained without the sacrifice of all earthly things.  It was through this sacrifice, and this only, that God has ordained that men should enjoy eternal life; and it is through the medium of the sacrifice of all earthly things that men do actually know that they are doing the things that are well pleasing in the sight of God.  When a man has offered in sacrifice all that he has for the truth's sake, not even withholding his life, and believing before God that he has been called to make this sacrifice because he seeks to do his will, he does know, most assuredly, that God does and will accept his sacrifice and offering, and that he has not, nor will not seek his face in vain.  Under these circumstances, then, he can obtain the faith necessary for him to lay hold on eternal life.

Lectures on Faith, Lecture 6, p.58
8. It is in vain for persons to fancy to themselves that they are heirs with those, or can be heirs with them, who have offered their all in sacrifice, and by this means obtain faith in God and favor with him so as to obtain eternal life, unless they, in like manner, offer unto him the same sacrifice, and through that offering obtain the knowledge that they are accepted of him.

Lectures on Faith, Lecture 6, p.59
9. It was in offering sacrifices that Abel, the first martyr, obtained knowledge that he was accepted of God.  And from the days of righteous Abel to the present time, the knowledge that men have that they are accepted in the sight of God is obtained by offering sacrifice.  And in the last days, before the Lord comes, He is to gather together His saints who have made a covenant with him by sacrifice.  Psalms 1:3, 4, 5: "Our God shall come, and shall not keep silence: a fire shall devour before Him, and it shall be very tempestuous round about Him.  He shall call to the heavens from above, and to the earth, that He may judge His people.  Gather my saints together unto me; those that have made a covenant with me by sacrifice."

Lectures on Faith, Lecture 6, p.59
10. Those, then, who make the sacrifice, will have the testimony that their course is pleasing in the sight of God; and those who have this testimony will have faith to lay hold on eternal life, and will be enabled, through faith, to endure unto the end, and receive the crown that is laid up for them that love the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ.  But those who do not make the sacrifice cannot enjoy this faith, because men are dependent upon this sacrifice in order to obtain this faith: therefore, they cannot lay hold upon eternal life, because the revelations of God do not guarantee unto them the authority so to do, and without this guarantee faith could not exist.

Lectures on Faith, Lecture 6, p.59
11. All the saints of whom we have account, in all the revelations of God which are extant, obtained the knowledge which they had of their acceptance in His sight through the sacrifice which they offered unto Him; and through the knowledge thus obtained their faith became sufficiently strong to lay hold upon the promise of eternal life, and to endure as seeing Him who is invisible; and were enabled, through faith, to combat the powers of darkness, contend against the wiles of the adversary, overcome the world, and obtain the end of their faith, even the salvation of their souls.

Lectures on Faith, Lecture 6, p.59 - p.60
12. But those who have not made this sacrifice to God do not know that the course which they pursue is well pleasing in His sight; for whatever may be their belief or their opinion, it is a matter of doubt and uncertainty in their mind; and where doubt and uncertainty are there faith is not, nor can it be.  For doubt and faith do not exist in the same person at the same time; so that persons whose minds are under doubts and fears cannot have unshaken confidence; and where unshaken confidence is not there faith is weak; and where faith is weak their persons will not be able to contend against all the opposition, tribulations, and afflictions which they will have to encounter in order to be heirs of God, and joint heirs with Christ Jesus; and they will grow weary in their minds, and the adversary will have power over them and destroy them.

John Baker

Jim Not a Meritorious Neighbor, Susan from Manti

From: ren and susan carter <>
To: David's Outcasts <>
Date: Sunday, November 07, 1999 8:00 PM
Subject: Re: 888 Fruits of polygomy

David's Outcasts -

I live in Manti and have never chosen to know Jim H personally.  He has a beautiful yard and his group has fixed up two old buildings from eyesores into show places.  For that public beauty on his part I am grateful.  The people I have met from his group lean towards very authoritarian male types and more subservient female types.  They run their own school and the children seem to be bright children and enjoying what they are doing (the school is across from the grocery store so I see them fairly regularly).  The thing that concerns me is that most of his followers live in VERY humble homes and he drives a cadillac. He has received numerous revelations that a husband is unworthy of a wife and they are then to be his wife.  I have been around Jim on a couple of occassions and he strikes me as very full of who and what he is.  I have several friends who have known Jim for years and were with him in the beginning and what he claims to have occurred now is nothing like he was telling people back then.  He has seperated from most of the people who were first together in his movement.  Our neighbors lost a LOT of money to him.  I don't trust him.  Susan

TLC Patriarch Replies to Susan

From: Phillip Savage <>
To: susan carter <>
Sent: Friday, January 07, 2000 10:16 PM
Subject: Jim Harmston

Hello Susan;

My name is Phillip Savage. I am a member of the True and Living Church of Jesus Christ of Saints of the Last Days. I am an Apostle and I serve as the Patriarch to the Church. I have read with interest, and not a little dismay, the two writings that have come to my attention wherein you, Susan, make direct references and judgements pertaining to The TLC, and especially to James Dee Harmston. I desire to submit my comments in an effort to clarify some things which, to me, are skewed and contain much misinformation although it is my perception that the old saying will probably apply here which saying is "Don't confuse me with the facts -- my mind is already made up." However, if you will also post my entire response on the Board, perhaps some others out there may obtain a different view of some things which you have stated under the guise of truth.

I, too, do not desire to engage in contention and undue chastisement. As you indicated you have your opinion and I recognize that liberty. Of course, I desire the same latitude.

Concerning the condition of the homes which house TLC members in Sanpete Valley. You speak of them as being in "bad shape". Is your pride showing just a little bit? Well, Susan, most of them are rented homes with rather high rental prices attached. There are only 5 homes in Manti which are owned by TLC members. Two of them are owned by men over 80 years old. I am 75 -- and I own my place -- and it isn't in "bad shape". Two of the homes have been newly purchased, and are in the process of being brought up to a better repair (both were in "bad Condition" when purchased). The other home is on a par with the better looking homes in Manti. You know, Susan, one of the problems which TLC people face in this predominately "Mormon" town is that we have been repeatedly discriminated against because of our religion. The law allows recourse in these cases. But none of our people have ever even threatened recourse at law for these crime against us.

I suppose the inhabitants of Canaan also judged Moses and the Israelites as a rag-tag bunch of homeless wanderers whose tents were also in "bad shape", and therefore they had to be regarded as low-life, too. Bad judgement. wouldn't you agree? Sometimes it just pays to keep ones mouth shut, even as counselled a certain Pharisee, named Gamaliel, a doctor of the law, had in reputation among all the people of Judah said: " And now I say unto you, Refrain from these men, and let them alone: for if this counsel or this work be of men, it will come to nought: But if it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it; lest haply ye be found even to fight against God." [See Acts 5: 34-39]

It is true that, as a people, we are a poor people. We haven't much of this world's goods -- and that's all right. We are not complaining, and those who have bitterly complained have done what they ought to have done, which is to pack up and leave us. Being "poor" in gold and silver is as unfortunate for us as it similarly was for Joseph Smith and the early Mormon's in Kirtland, in Missouri, in Nauvoo, and in Salt Lake City where, in each place, they were judged more by the media and the dissenters than by actual direct data. It is not gold and silver (or Cadillacs) but it is the heart that matters. (And by the way, the only white Cadillac which has been here in TLC was a very old one (probably vintage in the 70's) which is mostly a piece of junk, and far from worth more than $1000.00. Big deal if Jim borrowed it once.)

On the matter which you raise when you say " I have personally spoken to men who have lost their wives to Jim." I must remind you that in the world in which you live, Susan, many, many women divorce their husbands for one reason or another; and many, many men divorce their wives for one reason or another. It really happens, doesn't it? As I recall early Mormon history many women asked to be under the leadership and care of Brigham Young, as well as others of the LDS leadership. Some of them left their husbands seeking for a better life. It happens all the time. Some times a marriage just doesn't work out. I kept trying on my first one for 51 years. It just wasn't getting the job done. We divorced. Such things happen all the time -- read the newspapers! There has never been even one woman who has been forced to leave a husband here and take marriage vows with Jim Harmston, or, for that matter, with any other TLC man. That is fact. I know. I have been in the inner circles of TLC leadership since the Church was organized in 1994. I have been close to these things and your accusation is based on scandalization, not truth.

You wrote: " I have personally spoken to men and women who have known Jim for years and his version of events differ greatly from their version. All I can say is that I go by what the spirit confirms to me." I want to go on record and tell you that I have personally known Jim Harmston since 1992. I have been very close to him ever since that time. The "version of events" which I have heard Jim relate match the truth. I wonder what spirit it is that you are listening to?

It has been my personal experience that Jim Harmston is an honest man. I have often entrusted my properties and funds to his will. Never has he been anything other than honest and reliable. Oh, I forgot, I once loaned him a book which someone else borrowed from him and I have never gotten it back! I guess that might just prove that while Jim has never said that he was perfect, nevertheless he has never given a false revelation, nor led his friends astray.

It is true that Jim expects constant improvement in the attitudes and characters of the TLC people. Sometimes he places before us goals which are difficult to attain. He urges us to stretch and to excel beyond where ever we now are. He pushes us to look at ourselves with honesty and with a self-critical eye. And, Susan, sometimes there are people who refuse to change "because then they won't be themselves any more". I have an adopted daughter who once was, of her own accord, eagerly with us. Why is she an apostate now? Because Jim and others of us challenged her to eliminate her intense selfishness. She violently turned, engaged in a frivolous law suit based on lies and vindictiveness, and has told outright lies against us on TV, and in other media. Why? Because she refused to repent of her selfishness -- for then she would no longer "be herself". I suspect that you have been following the wrong parade, with the wrong drummer, and they play the wrong tunes -- tunes which "tickle the ears".

A good reporter knows that he must go to the source in order to be accurate and balanced. It appears that you have relied upon our enemies as your sole source. For example, if you wanted to know what the condition and plight of the American Indian was during the "Trail of Tears March" it would have been foolish to believe that the white man would tell you the whole truth but they have slanted it to suit their own position. Such is the same in this matter. I am sorry, Susan, you have greatly erred when you elected to publish words which were based upon listening to the words of our enemies, words which were slanted, and false. You have wronged a people of God. You were entitled to your own views, but when you opinioned to attempt to influence other humans, you were exercising unrighteous dominion. [D&C 121:37]

Susan, I want you to know that I am not some frivolous hot headed teenager. I am a mature 75 year old former LDS Bishop and High Councilman. I have been successful in business, and real estate. I have met and dealt with many people, I do know a few things very well, and that includes the character of James Dee Harmston, who is a man of God -- and who is a cut above the rest of us all today.

It is not my intent to exchange letters with you. My only intent has been to point out some glaring errors in that which you have already promoted -- and to call you to repentance. Thank you for the opportunity to be frank and truthful to you.
Phillip P. Savage.

bullet  Harmston Video

Here's a video from a lecture by James Dee Harmston given in the early 1990s. You have to crank your computer  volume up all the way to hear it.

bullet  See also: [domain currently taken over by porn site] - Official TLC website has been taken down.  Click here for back-up copy.  Also here.
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   Third, it is accepted as self-evident.

-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

"Would God that ALL the Lord's People Were PROPHETS"

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