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 bullet TOP TEN Alphabetical Word & Number Studies

Alphabetics and God the Father and Mother
The very first word of the Hebrew Old Testament, listed alphabetically, is Ab "Father." Ab is spelled aleph, bet and corresponds to the English word: ALPHABET. This is fitting, as the whole premise of Alphabetics is that in the alphabetical sequence of scriptural words is a testimony of the work of the Father in these latter days, revealing who's who and what's what.
Y2K: "Dangerous; Near to Falling"
Word 2000 in Hebrew & Greek lexicons have parallel meanings, both of which are relevant to the predictions for the probable effects of the computer clock millennial bug.   "Dangerous, near to falling" (NT); "wealth; utter destruction" (OT).
Words 1770 - 1792 in Greek and the years surrounding the Birth of the United States of America
Words 1770-1792 listed alphabetically (standard numbering by James Strong) in the New Testament lexicon portray nearly a one-to-one correlation with the years by that number and the founding of the United States of America, depicting especially the Revolutionary War, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitutional Convention, and the Founding of the first Congress; but also includes cogent commentary on current circumstances.
Jesus=888 is Christ=1480
Validations by the very word numbering and even the page numbering of a New Testament Greek lexicon that Jesus is the Christ; that he is necessary and sufficient.   On page 1480 (a number of "Christ") is featured word 888 (a number of "Jesus") and word 1157 ("Jesus Christ" in ASCII code). On the next page is the definition, "one who is named."
1820-1830: Joseph Smith in the New Testament
Words 1820 - 1830 in the New Testament Greek and their parallel to years by that number in association with Joseph Smith and the restoration of the fullness of the gospel.
'You' and alpha & omega
Hebrew, Greek and English spelling of "you" (e.g. aleph, taw in Hebrew) confirms our godly potential as spiritual offspring of diety.
Words around Provo in English
A city set on a hill, and noted for its "seven peaks."  Alphabetic sequence of words before and after Provo:  "proud, prove, proverb, providence, provision, provisional, proviso, Provo, provocation, provoke, provost, prow, prowess, proxy, prude, prune."
Words around Utah in Webster's
Alphabetically: urim, us, U.S.A., usurp, usury [exchangers], Utah, Ute [gospel taken from Gentiles, given to remnant of Jacob]. 3pp.
84150: LDS Headquarter's Zip Code in Bible
LDS Headquarters' zip code = 84150.  Direct pertinence of words 4150 in Hebrew and Greek lexicons.  "Place of assembly," "tabernacle," "temple," "seat of the prophets," "an appointed sign," "the vision belongs to a time."

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