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Ezra Perishes for Gold

From: Marlene Holley <>
To: Sterling D. Allan <>
Sent: Monday, May 29, 2000 11:10 PM

Here is a story Gayle told us.

She had an Uncle who called her in l980 and showed her a written story about their families.  Ezra Parrish and a man named Porter had joined the Mormon Battalion back in l849.  They then went on to the California gold rush.  They did find gold and brought it back to SLC to where their families had came [sic].  He went to Brigham Young to pay l0% tithing of his gold.  Brigham told him he wanted all the gold for the Kingdom.

Parrish knew about the blood atonement and feared for his life.  They both told their families, along with other families, there were l2 men in all, and left secretly.  When they were North of Beaver, Brigham's Danites caught up with them.  They were dressed like Indians.  Parrish had a false bottom in his wagon, and he hid his l2 year old son and l0 year old daughter.  These kids watched all the wagon train get killed and buried.  They escaped and went to farm house.  They had to hide them because the killers knew how many were in the wagon train and they tried to find them.  Later the people sent these kids back East to their extended families.

When the boy grew, he came back to find his parents killer.  He found and killed 6 of them.  There were l2 in all.  When he was old, he found # 7 and killed him.  The sheriff said he had killed an innocent man and Parrish was hung.



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