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John D. Lee's great great grandson's reply to Ronald Loving of MMA

From: "tott" <>
To: "Sterling D. Allan" <>
Sent: Wednesday, March 15, 2000 1:45 PM


What a HOOT!!

Clearly, Mr. Loving does not want to 'GET INTO' the TRUTH - just patch over it and move on.

Mr. Loving - this does not work, it has been tried unsuccessfully for over 140 years (Since September, 1857).

[...] Get some backbone and stand for the TRUTH - admit publicly that this terrible event was a direct result of religion- dominated mind controlled fanatics and is what happens when people do not think for themselves and just obey orders blindly, not to mention the poisoned fruit of certain 'endowment covenants' swearing to exact total and blind vengeance instead of spreading love and forgiveness seventy times seven to ALL enemies - especially those who persecute and 'spitefully use' you. Why are you continuing to be a party to a modern cover-up and circumvention of state (not to mention Federal) antiquity laws??

Oh yes - one more thing - I am sure you have heard that the PROPHET cannot ever lead the Mormons astray - for if he did - the Lord, the great A-Number One prime ASSASSIN - will 'take him out of his place'!!! Yep, the Southern Utah "Saints" of 1857 who were following Brother Brigham's 'reformation' to the letter, definitely needed to exact some 'righteous' vengeance.[...]

I for one say it is time to set the record straight - John D. Lee was a SCAPEGOAT of the highest order. It is time to put the BLAME where it is deserved - and the HEALING will only come when the TRUTH is OPENLY AND PUBLICLY CONFESSED, and some form of HONEST COMPENSATION is given to the ancestors. (What [...] is the value of the livestock sold to the Indians, the Prize Racehorse, the GOLD COINS, and other booty pocketed by the Church and Sticky-Fingered Jake Hamblin in year 2000 dollars?) Is not pure repentance (as taught by President Kimball in the Miracle of Forgiveness) involve taking these same steps? C'mon, LDS Church officials - practice what you preach for once instead of listening to your corporate attorneys!!!



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