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You are here: Greater Things > Topical > Multiple Mortalities (INDEX)

Index of Studies Regarding Multiple Mortal Probations and Eternal Progression

bullet  At Greater Things

Review > Life on the Other Side, by Sylvia Browne - It might not be that accurate, but it does give food for thought, especially about the different life themes. What I like about this book is that it gives a rather thorough look at the whole process of dying, hanging out over there, and choosing what circumstances our next lifetime will involve.  (Mar. 28, 2010)
Newsletter: Newsletter 49: As God is, Man may Become -- Biblical Evidences
Though LDS mainstream at present demurs, this glorious truth revealed by Joseph Smith is confirmed powerfully in the Bible
Topical Study: Biblical Statements on: Man, Potential to Become God
"To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne." (Revelation 3:21.)
Supplement: C.S. Lewis on Man's Godly Potential
Parallels: Hebrews 12 = II Nephi 9:17-38 parallel  
We, like Christ, for the joy that is set before us, must take up the cross, despise the shame, to set down in the kingdom of God. 
Alphabetics: 'You' and alpha & omega
Hebrew spelling of "you" confirms our godly potential.   Also looks at words around "you" in Greek and English.
Alphabetics: First, Last, Middle and Messiah's Mission and Identity
Further discussion of alpha and omega and the word "you."
Alphabetics: Heavenly Father & Mother in Alphabetics Bible Code
Essay: Multiple Mortal Probations, Intelligences, Experiences and Godhood
Alphabetics: 1000 Multiple Mortalities and God
The words and definitions associated with words 1000 in the Hebrew and Greek Old and New Testament lexicons confirm the teaching that there are approximately 1000 mortal probations before one overcomes and grows into godhood.  
Correspondence: Intelligence Evolution: What about the Animals Becoming Humans?
Essay: The Eternal Round of Evolution to Godhood
The Human Life Cycle as a Metaphor for the Mystery of All Life and Eternal Progression.
Alphabetics: Immanuel -- God With Us
Looking at words before and after "Immanuel/Emmanuel" in Hebrew, Greek, English confirms the thesis of God coming down in the flesh, not just at the time of Jesus Christ, but now as well.
Poem: If a Rock Could Talk


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Discussion Board Threads
Why do we need the Savior if we just 'go around' until we get it right?
Other Open Forum pages on other subjects


bullet Related Sites:

NOTE: The problem with most of these approaches is that they supplant the need for the Savior Jesus Christ.  They are listed here for reference purpose, not for endorsement.
J.J. Dewey has much to say about Multiple Mortalities and Godhood, but he also leans heavily in the New Age direction.
Book: Proving Reincarnation from and LDS Perspective {Greater Things exclusive!}
JJ's Posts to "Keys of Knowledge" on "Reincarnation:
289: Many Souls and Many Lifetimes over Many Years 
336: Reincarnation: Part I -- One Life or Many?
337: Reincarnation: Part II -- Whatsoever a Man Soweth
342: Reincarnation: Part III -- Proof the Man Existed Before Birth
345: Reincarnation: Part IV -- The Prophets Lived More than one life
348: Reincarnation: Part V -- Interesting Scriptural Evidence
490: Joseph Smith and the Knights of the Round Table
569: Preparing for the Return of Christ
634: Introducing Reincarnation to the West not Easy
684: Jesus Tempted in All Points as We Are
The Bible and Reincarnation
Glenn Kimball on Reincarnation - arguments against
Reincarnation Facts and Resources - reincarnation is a natural and very important part of the development of a soul; it is the process of struggling against some negative force, such as desire or karma, toward a higher state of being; and it applies to all human beings, if not all living creatures
Society > Religion and Spirituality > Reincarnation - Highlights from DMOZ Open Directory Project for a wide gamut on the subject, including:
Is Reincarnation Biblical? - More than half the world and approximately 30 million Americans believe in reincarnation - this article makes a case to discredit reincarnation in Christian doctrine.
Reincarnation and Karma in the Bible - Some references from the bible by the author Jeanine Miller. She considers these as referring to karma and its relationship to reincarnation.
The Law of Reincarnation [broken link]] - In the year 553 A. D., the doctrine of reincarnation was officially banished by the Christian Church. This essay examines some of the effects and projects some theories
Jewish beliefs about reincarnation - The Arizal and Ba'al Shem Tov on Reincarnation. This site is presented by Gal Einai Institute of Israel which disseminates the teachings of Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh.
Karma and Reincarnation - A selection of quotations (mostly Hindu scriptures and teachers) explaining the theory of karma. An attempt to evaluate the accuracy of the doctrine of karma. Buddhist views on Karma.
Articles archived by Theosophical Society - Articles on reincarnation, reimbodiment, transmigration, pre-existence and similar topics.
Rebirth - An article on origins of reincarnation thought in Christian, Hebrew, and Indian religions by Nancy Coker.


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