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Gospel Topical Studies


Including insights you would not be able to share in a typical mainstream congregation because they would boot you out (new wine vs. old bottles), but those who have ears to hear will love to come upon it.


bullet  At Greater Things

Apostasy of the Latter Days - essay by the late H. Verlan Andersen, general authority of the LDS Church.
Baptism of Fire and of the Holy Ghost
Resources for understanding this core element of the doctrine of Christ; the mighty change of heart; being born again.
Beholding the Face of God -- in the Mirror 
Exotheology - To pursue a theology that adequately answers the questions that are raised by the fact of our ET neighbors and their intervention, benign and malevolent.  Seeking a cosmologically consistent religious outlook.
LDS-'Apostate' Reconciliation - Reconciling the whistle-blowing 'apostates' that have been spurned, and the mainstream that has gone wayward from the foreordained mission given it by the Lord.  To be made possible because of a miraculous repentance clause being evoked.
Three Pillars of LDS Apostasy - Three major areas in which the LDS Church needs to return to its moorings: (1) each person a prophet, (2) responsibility to establish government of freedom, (3) understanding foundational role of baptism of fire.
Agency -- of whom or what are you an agent? - Agency does not just imply free will, but also representation and allegiance to a person (e.g. God) or entity (e.g. kingdom of God).
Beholding the Face of God (Index) - Walking with God face to face is something anyone can do, if only they seek it with faith. Jesus will introduce you to the Father, and they will make their abode with you.
Isaiah, Prophet of Prophets (Index)
Why So Much Isaiah in the Book of Mormon? - Various ways that the Book of Mormon expounds on Isaiah, especially through parallel text patterns and commentary contexts.
Isaiah, chapter by chapter
Biblical Scriptures on 'As man is, God once was; and as God is, man may become.'
Temple Parallels -- Temporal and Spiritual Solutions Found in the LDS Endowment Ceremony - Endowment's encompassing progressional pattern for life provides a backdrop for receiving personal revelation regarding whatever is most pressing at the time.
Index of Studies Regarding Multiple Mortalities and Godhood
Joseph and Brigham on the Fallibility of Infallibility - That God would not allow the prophet to lead the people astray is not true.
Why Socialism is Satan's Kingdom on Earth - discusses pre-mortal war and its repeat here. [discussion]
Celestial, Terrestrial, Telestial Commandment Keeping Compared
Three levels of keeping the commandments: (1) rote obedience, (2) inspired obedience, (3) embodied observance. The setting in order of the spirit and the law.
Blacks & Priesthood (discussion) - does the gospel favor the emotional response over the legal?
1921 Priesthood Conferral Change - succession problems.
Index of Studies on Polygamy @ Greater Things - Stumbling block when made requisite for exaltation.
The Snubbing of Ezra Taft Benson by His Associates of the Brethren -- a few quotes.
Index of Pages Relevant to Heavenly Mother
Mormon Goddess - Heavenly Mother anthology
Tender Branch - prophecy about replacing the metaphoric highest branch with a tender twig
Joseph Smith's Statements on 'Intelligences'
Why wait 1 year for endowment? - patience, policies, and setting in order.
In Defense of the Book of Abraham -- Amazing Document of Life
Mountain Meadows Massacre -- Reburying the Wounds - Index of investigative news articles, books, documents, and sites related to this tragic massacre whose culpability continues to be denied by the Utah power base.
Adam-On-Diahman -- the Pending Pentecost
Mormon 8 Conference Center - Is such extravagance warranted when the poor are so plentiful?
5-Pointed Inverted Star Windows in LDS Nauvoo Temple - Is to Satanists what the Cross is to Christians. Will be used in the fourth floor.  Why?
1837 Endowment Disembowelment Prescription - "Should we do so, we agree that our bodies be cut asunder in the midst and all our bowels gush out"
'Follow the scriptures' is no better than 'follow the prophet' -- D&C 132 not evidence enough; all truth needs to stand on own merits, not just because a "prophet" said so.
Excommunication - Not always sanctioned by God.
The Silversmith - "When I can see my own image in the silver, the refining process is finished."
Christmas - pagan roots should be discerned, evil turned to good.


bullet Other Topical-Related Indices at Greater Things
Lexicon of Life: Encyclopedia for the Remnant
Index of Studies on 666
Commentary on Holidays (Index)
Index of Chiasms and Parallels in the Scriptures (Prophetic Poetry)
Index of Alphabetics Word-Number Scripture Code Studies
Index of Essays Pertinent to the Gospel and Government of God
Index of Studies Related to The Davidic Servant
Index of Open Forum Discussion Pages
Index of Editorials With Scripture Prophecy Perspective


bullet  Other Studies

Biblical References to Mormon Doctrine
What is the Kingdom of God?
Witness of the Book of Mormon in the Arabic Translation
David Whitmer's Address to All Believer's in Christ
Mormon Blood Atonement -- Fact or Fantasy?

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