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Lance M. Richardson
Visions of Zion


The late Lance Richardson (passed away in 2004) draws from a near death experience and from communion with translated beings who want their story told of Zion -- past and future -- as it rises triumphantly in the midst of the destruction of a wicked civilization.

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About Lance Recap of Lance Richardson's Vision Published Works Related Links

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Zion Fundamentals

The most important unit in society is the family.

The most important principle of a Zion society is service.

Whatever name we apply to him, the most important being to our joyful existence is Jehovah/Jesus Christ.


Note: A visitor recently told me that Lance commented to them that he had requested me to take this page down.  I have never received such a request from Lance.


bullet About Lance Richardson

Lance Richardson : family man, author, national talk show host, President of the American Family Institute.  Passed away 2004.

Notwithstanding the grandeur of what Lance has seen and what he is commissioned to accomplish on this earth, to his credit he still comes across from the root of his being as a very simple, approachable, non-presumptuous, meek person.

Click here for my recap of a presentation Lance gave on March 7, 2001.

Sterling D. Allan


bullet Published Works

They Saw Our Day by Lance Richardson
(Two cassette tapes)

They Saw Our Day by: Lance M. Richardson
Cultures from around the world tell of the 'Great White Brother' who visited their people nearly 2,000 years ago. From the Hopi, Cherokee, and Aztec to the Tibetan, and Kikuyu tribe of Africa, each gives incredible witnesses to who we call Jesus Christ and the prophecies he foretold of our day which they were commanded to withhold until now.

"This is my favorite from Lance.  I've listened to it more than a dozen times."  -- Sterling

Zion : Seeking the City of Enoch Zion : Seeking the City of Enoch by Larry Barkdull, Lance Richardson, Ron McMillan
Part one of the novel about the ancient city of Enoch that arose after the destruction of the civilization called Shum.  Fictionalized to create a composite sketch of a complex civilization, but based on actual events.
Zion : The Long Road to Sanctification by Larry Barkdull, Lance Richardson, Ron McMillan
Part two of the novel about the ancient city of Enoch that arose after the destruction of the civilization called Shum.  Fictionalized to create a composite sketch of a complex civilization, but based on actual events.
The Message by Lance Richardson The Message by Lance Richardson
Near Death Experience recap.  Not highly substantive but watered down because of the audience for which it is intended -- mainstream LDS.  "If a man were to die and then return, what message might those from the world beyond send back to us?"  His story of a family service project trip is particularly touching.
  Knotted Gold : True Story of Overcoming By Lance Richardson
Lance tells how the adversity of his many years of illness brought him and his wife closer together.


bullet Related Links

Lance Richardson comments on 'past life regressions' and mediums' -- tricky devils out for a good time.
Family Service Vacation -- the miracle of giving of ones self



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