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You are here: Greater Things > Visions & Dreams

Dreams and Visions
of Coming Tribulations and Triumph


Eyewitness accounts of future economic collapse, massive earthquakes, marauders, Martial Law, occupying troops, mark of the beast, concentrations camps, wilderness, trek to Zion, New Jerusalem, kingdom of God.

Click here for Index of Prophetic Ramifications of the September 11 (911) Terrorist Attack on America


Vision Statement
Scripture Time-line Exegesis
Alphabetics Prophecies
Thinking Ahead
See also
Related Sites


bullet  Visions

Visions of Ranae Lee Regarding World Economic Collapse, and Cataclysms - On Sept. 18, 2008, Ranae posted two updates regarding what she "has been shown" regarding what is shortly to come in the U.S. financial sector, as well as some cataclysms, including a ~9 earthquake with epicenter in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Earth Quake
Dumitru Duduman's Vision of America's Sudden Destruction - Angel shows Romanian Pastor a vision of the attack on America from Russia and her South/Central American allies.
Elane Durham's Death-and-Back Vision of Coming Calamities and Triumph
Elane was clinically dead for an hour and was being prepped for the morgue when she came back from the dead.  Meanwhile she was give a tour of heaven as well as a vision of what could happen on this planet given our current course.
Trinity County Refuge - account of various visions and place of refuge in California
John ---'s Vision of Sanpete Valley -- Refuge of Peace and Holiness
Joseph...'s Vision of the Destiny of Sanpete Valley Utah
Gayle Smith's Visions of What Could Transpire in the Now Peaceful Valleys of Wasatch Front, Utah and the Word -- Political Turmoil, Economic Collapse, Massive Earthquakes, Marauding Bands, Martial Law, Nuclear Blasts, Occupying Troops, Mark of the Beast, Concentration Camps, Surviving in the Wilderness, Earth Changes
Update of Gayle's Visions, October, 1999
Chris' Visions of the Future -- Overlapping Gayle's Visions with addition of visions of building New Jerusalem, Two Prophets in Old Jerusalem, Land Masses Coming Back Together, Jesus' Appearing in Glory, New Heaven and New Earth.
Lance Richardson's Visions of Zion (index) - Lance M. Richardson draws from a near death experience and from communion with translated beings who want their story told of Zion -- past and future -- as it rises triumphantly in the midst of the destruction of a wicked civilization.
Vision of Bernhardt (Benny) Arnold -- foreign troops overrunning U.S.
Visions of North, South, East and West
At the temple site in Independence, Missouri, Jesus Christ teaches Lynn Ridenhour metaphorical spiritual symbols of the South, North, East and West; says, 'Go West.'
Voice from the Garden -- A Vision in Reverse
The bliss for which we are headed after the tribulations. By Jesus E. Moses


bullet  Scripture Time-Line Exegesis

The Vision of All: Our Past, Present, and Future as Foretold in Book of Mormon History From Moses' exodus, through the end of the coming millennium; parallels also an individual's spiritual progression through life.
In An Instant Suddenly Shall Destruction Come


bullet  Alphabetics Prophecies

Year 2000 in Alphabetics Code
Words 2000 in the Old and New Testament lexicons, alphabetically listed mean 'Dangerous, near to falling' (NT Greek) and 'to destroy utterly' (OT Hebrew).
Sanpete Valley -- Place of Interim Gathering
Reasons why Sanpete County Utah is a great place of gathering prior to the return to the center place.
365 and Happy New Year in Alphabetics Bible Code
Words and pages numbered 365 in Old and New Testament lexicons and English dictionary describe ringing in new year, century, millennium with prophetic commentary.
Words 2000 through 2020 in New Testament Greek, and their probable parallels to coming years -- a prophecy of the future?


bullet  Thinking Ahead

Days of '47 and Kissing Chinese Bloody Feet - Utah's 24th of July and the  'all is well' psyche that has Utah courting China, who intends to destroy America as a free land.
Some Thoughts on the Return Trip to Missouri by Walt Appel
Sharing Food Storage -- Do Not Turn Away the Beggar


bullet  See also

Places of Refuge for Remnant Saints - Where peaceful people who love liberty and uprightness can gather before and during the coming calamities for survival and a little slice of heaven on what can otherwise be a hellish earth.
Near Death Experiences - index of accounts of those who have died, seen the savior, visited the spirit world, and returned.
Authors Featured at
Greater Things Index of Studies Related to 666
Greater Things Conservative and Prophetic News Service


bullet  Related Sites - Native American Prophecies - compiled by Scott Strong Eagle Anderson - Dreams of the Great Earth Changes 
A Hopi Prophecy - Three great shakings (wars), the third may or may not happen, depending . . . But it will be the worst by far if it does.
George Washington's Vision - Sons of the Republic look and learn.
White Horse Prophecy - Joseph Smith's vision of coming calamities in the West and in the U.S.
Hancock Prophecy - Joseph Smith's prophecy of the "boys from the west" stepping forth to save the Constitution when it hangs by a thread.


CLICK HERE -- Index of Studies Regarding 666


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