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"The vision belongs to a time."
                            -- Habakkuk 2:3

[8]4150 & L.D.S. Headquarters




84150 is the zip code designated specifically for the LDS Church Headquarters in Salt Lake City, where the world-famous Mormon temple and tabernacle are located, as well as the assembly hall and other buildings for assembly, including the new convention center that seats 21,000 people.



Word 4150 alphabetically in Old Testament Hebrew

The following definition is abridged directly from Gesenius' lexicon.

4150 wpe9.jpg (920 bytes)  (1) a set time; Hab. 2:3, "the vision belongs to a time."  (2) an assembly; Num. 16:2, "called to the assembly;" ..."the seat of the gods;" "the tent of the assembly," is a name often given to the holy tabernacle..., elsewhere called the tabernacle of the covenant. (3) a place in which an assembly is held, of the temple; Ps. 74:8, "all the holy places of God in the land;" ...high places and seats of the prophets. (4) an appointed sign, a signal.

The word Gesenius lists before it is

4148 (1) Correction of children, by their parents, of nations by kings, of men by God. (2) admonition, discipline, especially that which children receive from parents, men from God. (3) instruction, doctrine.



A Note about Gesenius' Lexicon

H.W.F. Gesenius' Hebrew Chaldee Lexicon to the Old Testament was first translated to English in 1824, the same period of time in which the angel Moroni appeared to Joseph Smith to instruct him about an ancient record he was to translate into English.  The standard alphabetized numbering for the words in the Old and New Testament Lexicons was established by James Strong in his Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible which was published in 1894. 



Word [8]4150 alphabetically in New Testament Greek

The definition of word 4150 (Zodhiates) is:

4150 wpe86.jpg (1136 bytes) pluno To wash, as garments.
  Deriv.: apopluno washing out
  Syn. nipto, to wash; louo, bathe; aponipto to wash off; baptizo, to baptize, dip; katharizo, to cleanse; kathairo, to cleanse, purge.
  Syn. rhupoo, to become dirty; spiloo, to soil; moluno, to defile; koinoo, make unclean.

It turns out that there is a chiasm formed from the words surrounding this one in the dictionary.  The following word definitions come from the words listed alphabetically before and after word 4150 in the Greek New Testament lexicon (Zodhiates)

A 4142-4 ([e.g.] ploos) A small vessel or boat; ship; sailing, navigation, voyage.
        [moved by the wind]

B 4145-9 ([e.g.] ploutos) Riches, wealth, abundance; material goods.

WB01626_1.gif (272 bytes)C 4150 To wash. [See Ezk. 22 Chiasm focal point structure]

B 4151-3 ([e.g.] pneuma) Spirit; spiritual; Holy Ghost; breath of life.

A 4154 To blow upon, as the wind.


by Sterling D. Allan; Fountain Green, Utah; 1997

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