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Rebuttal to "No Hidden 666 in UPC"



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Tell me what you below and check out this explanation:

Write me back. I am a Christian who believed that the UPC contained 666 until today, May 3, 2000, after checking out that site. Write me back.


I looked at the site you mentioned but am not convinced.

My source for documenting this more than a decade ago came from an IEEE Spectrum magazine (refereed scientific journal) that was talking about scanner technology. It had no intention whatsoever of addressing the issue of 666 in the bar code, but was presenting the code in a matter-of-fact way.

There they explained the code as I have presented it on my web site, especially in the "Vision of all" appendix.

Does that mean that the document you referred me to is bogus? No.

Rather, it illustrates what we so often see with the Bible. Two different people can interpret the very same thing in exactly opposite ways.

This man makes a decent case for one extreme.

However, the fact remains that whether intentional or not, the two thin lines are associated with six, and each bar code has the three sets of these. In the smaller version such as on spice bottles, the triplet lines on the right share the middle line making the ending 66. This I also got from the IEEE Spectrum article.

Let's say that this gentleman is correct, that in practice the scanners do not see "666" when they read the code. That does not eliminate the fact that the 666 is there for you and I to observe with our eyes.

Sterling D. Allan
May 3, 2000

Takefumi Inagaki, "Hologram Lenses lead to Compact Scanners," IEEE Spectrum, vol. 26, no. 3, March 1989, pp. 39,40.


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