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666-Mark of the Beast Studies


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Mark of the Beast

Chip Implants already here and in use

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911 and 666 -- Prophetic Ramifications of Sept. 11
Social Security Number and the Mark of the Beast
How I Ended Up Getting the Address 666 S. 60 E.

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bullet  While you're here, be sure to see:

Index: Chip Implants Already in Use in Humans
News Trends - Current events pointing to America's decline into an eventual martial law police state under the United Nations' New World Order.
Index: Concentration Camps in the U.S.
Dubya--George W. Bush--Insider Choice for Bringing America into the New World Order
Bush Says in Jest the 'W' 'W' 'W' in www Stands for Him, Dubya (CNN 10/29/00) - w,w,w=6,6,6 in Hebrew
Prince Charles -- Anti-Christ or Davidic Servant? - 'Charles' inserts alphabetically on page 667 of Thayer's New Testament lexicon.  Abounding opposites present an invitation to choose either the path of anti-Christ or Davidic Servant.
'al gore' = 666 in ASCII code

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bullet  Documents on 666

star Essay: 666-Related Studies & Ramifications: Why aren't we talking about it?
Precursors to the Mark -- 666 in every UPC bar code
Related Scriptures in the Book of Revelation
Key Sister Prophecies in Daniel 7, Revelation13, III Nephi 16,20,21 and Doctrine and Covenants 103
Synonyms for BEAST
Some Points to Ponder
Some Pertinent Questions

666 in every UPC code - Mark of Beast

Alphabetics > My Social Security Number in the Alphabetics Bible Code
star Featured > Jesus E. Moses' ministry on Social Security Number = 666
star Alphabetics > My Voter ID# 13864 Foretells and Exposes the Conspiratorial Maritime Lobby Deception
Section 666 of Title 42 (the Social Security Act) (42 USC Sec. 666)
now requires every state, as a condition of Federal Revenue Sharing, to obtain "the number of your name" before you can receive any state services (e.g., a license to work, a license to drive, a license to marry).
star Alphabetics Prophecy: 666: Coincidentally Related Scriptural Word and Page Numbers
Prophecy from word 666 in the Greek & Hebrew New & Old Testament lexicons; page 666 in the Bible, L.D.S. Bible Dictionary, Talmage's Jesus The Christ, Old and New Testament Lexicons, English Dictionary, Biography of Gordon B. Hinckley; chapter 666 in the Bible; word for 666 in Greek.
Page "666" of the Book of Mormon is p. 211 of the D&C, which is section 65: the Kingdom of God vs. Enemies of God
Commentary: Why "HOLY BIBLE" in ASCII Code = 666
Alphabetics: Christmas' Pagan Roots and 666  - "CHRISTMAS IS A PAGAN S HOLIDAY" = 666; more.
Index: How/why "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" = 666
666 Talk is Taboo in LDS Mainstream
Feedback: Non-Christians Using 666 "as a Joke" is Serious Business
star Book (on-line): Man of Sin Revealed (II Thessalonians 2; Isaiah 66)
star Ch 7: "Corruption of Government; Rise of Secret Combinations" (From Vision of All : Our Past, Present and Future as Foretold in Book of Mormon History)
Alphabetics: I.O.U. and 666 Counting Backward in the Alphabet
Counting backward from Z in the Alphabet, 1,2,3 4,5,6 three times gives the letters I.O.U., the idea of debt.
Search Web Site: look up: 666; Mark of Beast; Conspiracy; Social Security; UPC; Socialism; New World Order; Man of Sin; Son of Perdition; Anti-Christ

CLICK HERE -- Allan's TIME; New Unified Field Theory


bullet  Miscellaneous Items

Bilderberger roster; 666-char. comment (June 10, 2011)
'Prince Charles of Wales' = 666 in Hebrew & English
Information Technology a 666 Billion Market (Salt Lake Tribune 9/10/01) [one day prior to 911]
666 is on all business licenses obtained in Jerusalem. (Scott Anderson, Feb. 8, 2003)
2/3 and 666 - Two-thirds, represented decimally is 0.666.  Other 2/3 of interest: those left in heaven, sealed portion of Book of Mormon.
The Pentagon uses about 666 rolls of toilet paper a day (ScottPaper)
King Solomon and his 666 Gold by Harvey Freilich
Earth is Carbon based: 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6
The Pope has on his hat (which looks like a crown) the Name: VICARIVS FILII DEI. This Latin translates to "In the place of the Son of God" and the Roman numerals of the name add up to 666.
John 6:66 "From this time on, many of his disciples broke away and would not remain in his company any longer." (contributed by Cookie Monster)
Kissenger = 666 by John Prewett
Barney as 666 - dumbing down of America?
666 pages between covers in Windswept House, a Vatican Novel by Malachi Martin
HITLER = H (107) + I (108) + T (119) + L (111) + E (104) + R (117) = 666
With A=100 , B=101, ..., Z=125; by Gabriel
Saddam = 666 (by Razunil)
Bill Gates = 666?
Post number 666 at David's Outcasts Discussion Group "Lawyer-priests and other end-time professions"


bullet  Photos

650 + UN-white vehicles stockpiling near Texas Pen.
Unmarked Tanks moving through Vancouver WA
Federal Police badges ready -- FEMA and GSA Preparing for Marshall Law
UPC bar code and 666


bullet  Related Sites

Spiritual Mark of the Beast - Series by J.J. Dewey
More important than the physical mark is the spiritual principle of the mark -- letting others exercise unearned authority over us.
666 Watch
mark of the beast site.
Microchip and Mark of the Beast
Places of Refuge for Remnant Saints
Where peaceful people who love liberty and uprightness can gather before and during the coming calamities for survival and a little slice of heaven on what can otherwise be a hellish earth.
Is America Babylon?
Prophetic fulfillment in Britain (Lion) and United States (wings of eagle).  Shows 666 in great seal.
666 and All That
the mathematical and spiritual properties of the number
Top Man in NWO Exposed
Who calls the shots behind the New World Order? [back-up copy]
666, the Number of the Beast
A large collection of mathematical facts about 666.
666 Name-Check
Calculate the numerical value of a name or word or phrase.  Find out if it totals 666 or some other interesting number.


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Church of the Firstborn, Even of God, the Holiest of God, Through Jesus Christ His Son
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