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in ASCII* Code
= 666

In ASCII numbering:
H (72) + O (79) + L (76) + Y (89) + B(66) + I (73) + B(66) + L (76) + E (69) = 666


scrolb14.gif (1380 bytes) "HOLY BIBLE" = 666

What?! The Bible is equivalent to 666?

No, "HOLY BIBLE" (all caps) is 666.  The numbers assigned to the ASCII capital letters H . O . L . Y . B . I . B . L . E . total six hundred sixty six.


Could it be because some people place more emphasis on the Bible as being the "inerrant word" than they do in God being the inerrant one?  Spelling Holy Bible in all caps would reflect this inappropriate attitude toward the Bible.

One is truly holy, and that is God. Putting anything before him is idolatry and antichrist -- even the Bible!

It's a matter of priority.  When God is not at the top of our priorities, then whatever is at the top is our god, even if it is the Bible.

"They draw near me with their mouth, and with their lips do honour me, but have removed their heart far from me." (Isa. 29:13.)

"You diligently study the Scriptures because you think that by them you possess eternal life. These are the Scriptures that testify about me, yet you refuse to come to me to have life." (NIV-John 5:39,30.)

Putting the Bible before God (e.g. HOLY BIBLE, all caps), making its black and white words more authoritative than the whisperings of the Spirit which are required to understand its meaning, is idolatry. Ironic, yes; but oh so true. How many gruesome atrocities through time have been done in the name of the Bible and religion?

The Bible is not God. God is God. To place the Bible before God is to set up the Bible as god, which is the spirit of antichrist.

He wants a personal relationship with each of us, both our minds (the written word) and our hearts (being changed through the baptism of fire and the subsequent indwelling of the Holy Ghost). He wants to write his law in each of our hearts. When we stop with the Bible and say that is all we need, then we succumb to the spirit of antichrist, for Christ has beckoned us to come to a fullness through him, even as he came to a fullness. (e.g. John 15, 17.) Our destiny is to walk and talk with God, to behold his face, to commune daily with angels, to behold the vision of all, to join the company of prophets in heavenly realms of glory -- not to be forever kissing the feet of the dead prophets whose words have been altered by scribes and wicked priests. Yes, the Bible is the word of God, so far as we receive it by the Spirit of God.


scrolb14.gif (1380 bytes) "Holy Bible" = 890

Meanwhile, "Holy Bible," spelled with initial letters capitalized, totals 890 in ASCII code. 

In ASCII numbering:
H (72) + o (111) + l (108) + y (121) + B(66) + i (105) + b(98) + l (108) + e (101) = 890

This is just two more than 888, which is the total of the letters which spell Jesus in Greek.  Word 890 and word 888 in the Greek Lexicon to the New Testament (e.g. Zodhiates) have the same meaning.  See the write-up on Jesus and 888.


by Sterling D. Allan; Mapleton, Utah; October 27, 1998
Manti, Utah; June 30, 1999

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