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Greater Things > Alphabetics > People > Messiah versus Lucifer expounded in 767

Messiah versus Lucifer expounded in 767

MESSIAH = M (112) + E (104) + S (118) + S (118) + I (108) + A (100) + H (107) = 767

LUCIFER = L (111) + U (120) + C (102) + I (108) + F (105) + E (104) + R (117) = 767

        With A=100, B=101, etc., 'MESSIAH' = 767 = 'LUCIFER.'  Scripture words and pages numbered 767 provide commentary on the contrast between these two.



Word 767 in the New Testament Lexicon
Page 767 in Zodhiates' NT Lexicon
Page 767 in Gesenius' OT Lexicon
Parallels Between Pages 767 of Gesenius and Zodhiates
Page 767 in Webster's '71
Page 767 in the LDS Bible Dictionary
Page 767 of Webster's III '61
Page 767 of Strong's Concordance
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bullet  Introduction

Gabriel sent me the following:




767   767

He also said:

"Satan is usually identified with Lucifer the chief of the fallen angels. He has been known to be called the morning star or angel of light.   Angel of light LUCIFER - Providing light or mental insight.  False prophet will convince people he is the Messiah sent by GOD.  ...The problem is that there are two who are coming in form. The first is the Messiah and the second is Lucifer."

I thought I would see what further insight might be gleaned by applying the Alphabetics Word-Number Code tools to this discovery, looking up the various occurrences of 767 in word and page numbers of scripture lexicons and dictionaries.


bullet  Word 767 in the NT Lexicon

Word 767 in the New Testament (NT) lexicon, asemos, means, "Without a mark, without a sign; not remarkable."  Zodhiates lists as synonyms for this word, "unworthy, of little value; common; least; lowest, last."  The antonyms are "one who makes his mark; notable; great; foremost, first, chief; known; conspicuous."

This is loaded.  First, the mention of the word "mark" is very significant in terms of the idea of the "mark" of the beast, which is associated with Satan. 

Second, the mention of the word "sign" is interesting inasmuch as one of Satan's lines is "show me a sign," where the sign is a prerequisite for belief.  God, however, says, "signs follow them that believe," in which the signs are not prerequisite to but outgrowths of belief.

Third, I think of the Savior's statement "he that would be greatest shall be least," and "he that is the least shall be the greatest," and "be ye servants of all."  The first shall be last and the last shall be first.

Fourth, I happened to read the segment about the deceiver, Philo, in J J Dewey's "The Immortal" last night.  The distinguishing factor of this charlatan was that everything he did was for effect.  He was always putting on a show, trying to garner attention to himself.  John the revelator, on the other hand, is distinguished by humility and a low key approach.  How was it that JJ found him in the first place?  He was serving as a bell ringer for the Salvation Army.

So often in the world, those who put on the biggest show and get the most attention and praise of the world are doing the most harm to the people -- in the name of helping the people.  The current president of the United States is a perfect example of this.

The number of the Greek name of Iesous, Jesus, is 888 (using the numeric values of the Greek letters that spell his name).  Word 888 in the NT lexicon means, "one who is set aside as no longer useful."  That is certainly how he was treated as he came among the Jews as their Messiah.  Yet significantly, the etymology of word 888 links to the very first or ALPHA word of the lexicon as well as the very last, the OMEGA word.  Alpha and Omega was received as "useless" by those he came to serve, yet his service has impacted more people for good than any other person who has walked this planet.  His contemporary, Caesar, on the other hand was the one in that day who had the most attention of the most people.  And to this day he is noted as a controlling tyrant.

That is why I have such respect for JJ.  He doesn't come across as a braggart or a charismatic leader.  Rather he is very mild or meek in his demeanor.  Considering how much wisdom he has, that to me is very impressive.


bullet  Page 767 in Zodhiates' NT Lexicon

Page 767 in Zodhiates' NT lexicon is the very next page following entry 2424, Iesous, or "Jesus" in English.  The first word coming onto the page is word 2425, which means "sufficient."  This is very significant inasmuch as in science an experiment is considered "valid" if you can show a cause-effect to be "necessary" and "sufficient."  A word meaning "necessary" is found on page 1480 of Zodhiates (e.g. word 5532, chreia, which is the etymological root of word 888, which is the number of Iesous).  The number of Christos is 1480.

The last word on page 767 is 2430 Ikonion, which means "place of images."  Again I think of the phony showiness of Satan.  It's all appearances.  He wants to be the anchor but is not because he lacks the attributes to be such, therefore he puts on a show to pretend he is something he is not.


bullet  Page 767 in Gesenius' OT Lexicon

Page 767 in Gesenius' Old Testament (OT) Lexicon includes two words that mean "strife, contention; a forensic cause."  (7378, 7379.)  This brings to my mind the idea of the battle between good and evil.  It also brings to mind the Book of Mormon scripture about contentions being of the devil.

In contrast to this, the word before it means "irrigation, watering" (7377), which connotes nurturing.

The last word on the page means "a companion, a friend" (7453) which is one of the definitions of the Hebrew word "aleph," which is also the name of the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet.  The Rabbis teach that "to define aleph is to define God."  OX is another meaning of aleph, inasmuch as the ox was considered tame and gentle, which are also meanings of aleph.  Appropriately, the word Gesenius lists two prior to the end of the page means "buffalo," which is a form of "ox" so far as the etymology of the names is concerned.

An interesting contrast of ideas is found back to back on page 767 of Gesenius.  Word 7375 means "to grow green or fresh again; to recover; to revive after sterility;" whereas the next word means "to break in pieces, specially to dash, to kill."  Destruction and Creation juxtaposed.  The irony is that while Satan destroys that which is good to create chaos, God destroys that which is evil to create order.

The second word on page 767 of Gesenius is 7371: "a winnowing fan."  God is said to have a fan in his hand, winnowing the wheat from the chaff or tares.


bullet  Parallels Between Pages 767 of Gesenius and Zodhiates

There is an interesting overlapping of word definitions between page 767 of Gesenius' OT lexicon and page 767 of Zodhiates' NT lexicon.  Word 7372 on page 767 of Gesenius means, "to be wet with rain; especially used of the moisture of fresh and green plants."  Word 2429 on page 767 of Zodhiates means "Moisture, dampness."  Metaphorically, I think of tears, which accompany one who serves on behalf of others and beseeches on their behalf when they are out of the way of physical or spiritual health.  This idea is carried in word 7380 ("Ribai") of Gesenius on page 676: "whose cause Jehovah pleads," and has a parallel definition in word 2428 on page 767 of Zodhiates: "Supplication or humble and earnest prayer," with synonym: "intercession."  It's interesting that the Hebrew name "Ribai" is so close to the word "Rabbi."  While Satan contends for the sake of destroying, the servants of God contend for the sake of redeeming.


bullet  Page 767 in Webster's '71

Page 767 in a Webster's Encyclopedic Dictionary I have also ties into the theme of what we have seen above.

The last word on the page, which actually takes up nearly half of the page, is the word "serve" and various forms thereof.  This matches the idea of "he who is greatest shall be servant of all."

In opposite contrast to this, the word just before it is "serval: An African carnivorous animal," which metaphorically connotes the idea of ravenously feeding off of others.

Another very interesting word on the page is "serpent."  The Bible uses the word "serpent" both in reference to the devil (in the garden) as well as to Christ (the serpent raised up on the staff of Moses in the wilderness, which if the children of Israel would look upon they would be healed from the poisonous snake bites they were receiving).


bullet  Page 767 in the LDS Bible Dictionary

There are but two topic headings on page 767 of the LDS Bible Dictionary found at the back of their publication of the King James Bible.  The two words are a wonderful epitome of the contrast between good and evil, hypocrisy and sincerity.  They are: "Sadducees" and "Saint."

The first three quarters of the page is a carry over of a topic which begins two pages prior: "Sacrifices."  This word also has good and evil manifestations of the most extreme sort.  A discussion of the differences could be the topic of an entire book.  In the context of Sadducee and Saint, I think of the outward performances (showy and empty) of the Law of Moses versus the inward yielding (quiet yet powerful) of the heart to God.


bullet  Page 767 of Webster's III '61

I've got another English dictionary that I picked up at a used bookstore.  It's one of those huge library editions.  On page 767 of that dictionary are found the entries "equal" and "equate."

I found that interesting on several counts.  First, the reason for this study is the observation that the number for the spelling of "Messiah" and for the spelling of "Lucifer" is the same when A is 100, B is 101, etc.  Hence the idea of "equate."  Yet in looking at the various occurrences of 767 we have seen how very different the same words can be, depending on how they are approached or applied.

But another point that could be made in this context is that though those who pursue evil and those who pursue good are very different from one another, both are equal in the sight of God in terms of their value and potential.  The wayward brother can always repent and seek righteousness, and eventually will most likely do so, after he has seen the consequences of his path and desires to change his ways.


bullet  Page 767 of Strong's Concordance

Page 767 of James Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible is filled with listings of one heading: the word "Own."  In the context of Satan, I think of the idea of control, exploitation and collusion.  In the context of Christ, I think of the idea of us being stewards over our own salvation, taking responsibility for our choices, and seeking a higher path.  The same word has applications for both evil and good.  Most words are that way.  Most people are that way.  Hence the all-important word: "decision:" what are we going to make of ourselves?  We are all made of the same essential substance, but what we do with that is up to us.


bullet  Conclusion

So with the words associated with 767 are descriptions of things devilish as well as of things godly, showing the stark contrast between the two.  This illustrates well that what appears on the outside to be the same thing, upon closer inspection is seen to be very different indeed.  Ours is the birthright destiny to make the choice as to which we will emulate: Messiah or Lucifer.  Both are bearers of light and love, but how you define light and love and how you achieve those objectives makes all the difference.


by Sterling D. Allan; Manti, Utah; December 17, 1999


bullet  See also:

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bullet  Bibliography

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