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You are here: Greater Things > Alphabetics > Area Codes / Organizations > Mormons and 801 -- Both Wheat and Tares Together Grow

Words Surrounding Mormons & 801 in Hebrew, Greek, and English

Most Difficult       Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men. Most Difficult

-- Matthew 5:13; Luke 14:34,35; III Nephi 12:13; 16:15; Doctrine & Covenants 101:39,40; 103:10.


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Word 801 in NT Lexicon
Word 801 in OT Lexicon
Bible chapter 801 = Lamentations 4
Words around "Mormon" in Greek
Words around "Mormon" in Hebrew
"Father," and "treading" in the Greek NT
Words around "Mormon" in English
Parallel Greek Definitions of "Mormon" Insertion Point in Hebrew
Parallel Hebrew Definitions of "Mormon" Insertion Point in Greek
Theomatic Value of "Mormon" Spelled in Greek = 1200
Before & After Page 1200 in Zodhiates
The Words Surrounding p. 1200 in Zod. are on p. 531 of Thayer's
Page 1200 in Webster's 1961 English Dictionary
Page 531 in Webster's 1961 English Dictionary
"Lehi" on Page 435 in Gesenius
Page 801 in the Joseph Smith Translation Appendix
801 and 911
"Mormon" and 1830
Other Alphabetics Word-Number Studies
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Alpha = 1; Omega = 800
Alpha + Omega = 801
-- Gematria observation by Ciprian Pater, January 23, 2002

bullet Introduction

God has been very definitive in how he has used words in scripture. Encoded in the alphabetic arrangement of the words is a unexpected yet enormously profound testimony of the work of the Father in the latter days -- another kind of Bible Code. The very name, father, in Hebrew is spelled aleph bet, or alphabet. The English spelling and pronunciation of alphabet fittingly combines the Greek aleph with the Hebrew bet, for it is in the Greek New Testament and the Hebrew Old Testament lexicons, combined with the English dictionary, that this code is deciphered. The current study uses this approach to study the word "Mormon" and the number 801 to reveal some astonishing things about the Lord's people in these latter days who have become as salt that has lost its savor, and of a righteous remnant who will awake and put on strength for the redemption Zion, the kingdom of God -- a literal kingdom or government -- finally being established, no more to be thrown down.

Alphabetically listed, the 801st word in the Greek New Testament lexicon (standard numbering by James Strong) has some compelling correlations to the idea of Utah's Wasatch Front, whose telephone area code is 801. For example, one of the phrases listed as an antonym for that word is, "sober, free from the influences of intoxicants and avoiding them." Speaking metaphorically, Isaiah calls the Ephraimites in the head of the fat valleys "drunkards," for their lack of seeing clearly or of acting prudently in their God-ordained mission.

When "Mormon" is spelled with Greek letters, Mwrmon, and inserted alphabetically in the New Testament Lexicon, the words around it are very interesting to consider. A word two prior refers to "salt not being able to make things salty." The word two after the insertion point likewise "refers to salt that has lost its flavor." Both word 801 and the four words surrounding the insertion point of "Mormon" in the Greek Lexicon have as their primary meaning, "foolish."

The word foolish links scripturally to two very powerful images presented by the Savior. One is of the wise and foolish virgins. Another is of the wise man who builds his house on the rock of Jesus Christ, the word, versus the foolish man who builds his house on the sandy foundation of the arm of flesh and the philosophies of men. Much could be said, which has been said elsewhere about the ways in which the Mormon culture has departed from the most fundamental elements of the gospel of Jesus Christ such as the baptism of fire and of the Holy Ghost, and the role of grace as an undeserved gift of salvation for those who come forth with broken hearts and contrite spirits, acknowledging that fact (see, for example, A New Testament: A Mighty Change for a New World, by Sterling D. Allan). With its "just follow the prophet" dogma, Mormon culture has replaced the chief cornerstone, Jesus Christ with a man. The oil of the Holy Ghost hardly trims the lamps of many Wasatch Mormon hearts. They prefer to be lead by a hierarchy of men who are gifted administers of a worldwide church but who hardly have time to immerse themselves in the word of God, preferring instead to show up at the social events that have become idolatrous obsessions, such as the sports festivities and the wining and dining of the world international elite. If Wasatch Mormons devoted as much energy fulfilling their mandate to establish the kingdom of God on earth as they currently spent attending the Babylonian pastimes, God would have a mighty army that could defy the New World Order kingdom of the devil that is currently thriving thanks to the willful cooperation of the Mormon elite.

Finishing the scriptural picture about salt that has lost its savor, the word immediately following the insertion point of the Hebrew spelling of "Mormon" (0/9/) means, "a treading down, something to be trodden with the feet."

This precise match-up of such a crucial scriptural theme is anything but haphazard coincidence. It unquestionably links Mormons to the fulfillment of the scripture which says, "ye are set to be a light to the world and the savor of men, but if the salt loses its savor, it is henceforth good for nothing but to be cast out and trodden under feet of man." Ironically, while reflecting poorly on Mormons, it also vindicates them as having indeed been set by the Lord to be an ensign to the nation, a mission in which they have dropped the ball. Nevertheless, validating the prophecies, the word studies go on to show that a remnant will come forth from their ranks (as well as from the other denominations) who will arise and put on strength to redeem Zion.


bullet The 801st Word, Listed Alphabetically in the Greek N.T.

Bearing in mind that 801 is the telephone area code along the Wasatch Front in Utah (Ogden, Salt Lake, Provo Valleys), consider word number 801 in Zodhiates' New Testament Greek Dictionary. My comments are enclosed in [small brackets].

801 asunetoV asunetos Without insight or understanding, unintelligent, foolish. [Ouch. This word comes up again in the words around "Mormon" in Greek, mentioned below] In Matt. 15:16, Christ characterized Peter and the other disciples [those clued into the new ministry] as being asunetoi, since they were unable to reason out the practical application of His parabolic teaching. [That wasn't very complementary either.] [Now, in contrast,] In Rom. 10:19 [post crucifixion / resurrection], the believing Gentiles [today: the "remnant" who will overcome] were considered by the unbelieving Jews [today: Gentiles] as being illogical, and thus accepting Jesus as the Messiah [today: David servant ministry].

Antonyms [i.e. what Mormons think of themselves] sunetos (4908), able to reason logically and arrive at the proper conclusions; sophos (4680), wise, able to regulate relationships with God; nephalios (3524), circumspect, sober, free from the influences of intoxicants and avoiding them.

"Free from the influence of intoxicants and avoiding them."  This is a  quintessential image held of the Mormons in Utah from the outside world.  Ironically, Isaiah doesn't agree, at least not when it comes to the spiritual state. In Isaiah 28:1, he metaphorically depicts them as the: "drunkards of Ephraim in the head of the fat valleys."

Back to Zodhiates, the word following word 801 is:

802 asunqetoV asunthetos [differing from the previous word by one letter, q] In the NT, a breaker of a covenant or agreement, faithless, treacherous [this word comes up again later]. Paul, however, uses it with an active sense referring to those who, being in covenant and treaty with others [e.g. making a "covenant with death" (Isa. 28:15), i.e. the New World Order camp], refuse to abide by their agreements [with Christ]. Syn. asunetos (801), foolish, without insight. Ant. pistos (4103), dependable, faithful.

and standing in contrast, presenting the ideal from which departure has been taken:

803 asfaleia asphaleia Firmness, security, safety. 

The only sure foundation upon which men might build and have safety is the rock of Jesus Christ, through the gospel, including the largely forgotten elements of coming forth with the broken heart and contrite spirit, calling upon the name of God, and receiving not just the baptism of water, but also the baptism of fire and of the Holy Ghost. Mormons by in large place their trust in the institutional church and the men who lead it, rather than in the Supreme Being who is supposed to be at its head. The folly of their placing their trust in the arm of flesh will soon enough be manifest, when suddenly, unannounced by their intoxicated shepherds, sudden destruction comes upon them.. Contrary to their delusion that "all is well in Zion," they will see that their foundation of flesh is not a sure foundation. Had their hearts been placed on the Lord and his word, they would have anticipated the coming calamities. Only those who place their trust in the Lord alone will survive the purging and build up Zion which will fill the whole earth, for it will be founded on the One Sure Foundation.


bullet The 801st Word, Listed Alphabetically in the Hebrew O.T.

Let's now see what words are found in vicinity of word 801 in the Old Testament lexicon, this time quoting from Gesenius' Hebrew-Chaldee Lexicon to the Old Testament.  The reason these words are not in numeric sequence is because Gesenius' alphabetic sequence for his vowel scheme is different than James Strong, who devised the standard numbering.

795, 796, 797 $&$:! Ashdod "a fortified place," "a castle"

I think of the Mormons tucked away in the valleys of the mountains in the West, "where none shall come, to hurt or make afraid," according to one of their most beloved hymns, in reference to their trek from Nauvoo to the Salt Lake valley, beginning in 1847, this being their fourth such forced exodus and hopefully their last.  Another rousing hymn proclaims, "Firm as the mountains around us, stalwart and brave we'll stand, on the rock our fathers planted for us in this goodly land."

798 see 6449 %#25 "a part," "a fragment" 

I think of "remnant."  An interesting and symbolic note about this word is that Gesenius references it in the footnote of the page.  One has to turn to a page far away to discover the definition of this word.

So also is it true of the "remnant," the "hearts core" of Mormonism who will ultimately establish Zion.  They go far beyond the normal call to dig deeply in the word and in the faithful execution of their duty to God and their fellowmen.

Also symbolic is that they are often removed, separated, from the mainstream body.  This is the essence of the symbolism of the words around 435, which is the newer, second telephone area code for Utah, corresponding to those areas outside of the central corridor of population. [See write-up on 435.]

The Gesenius lists right after 6449 is 6451, which means,

6451 diffusion, abundance, Ps. 72:16 "let there be abundance of corn in the earth." Hence a handful, or still better if taken simply, a handful of corn.

Corn is code for Messiah and those who take upon them the mantle of Christ, overcoming as he overcame, being purified as he is pure.  I've done an 80-some page write-up on Corn which I have not yet posted for public display.

For now, let's get back to the words around 801 in the Hebrew lexicon.  The next entry in Gesenius is:

see 808, 803 & 2977 %:! (an unused root) (1) to prop, sustain; (2) to heal, solace.

I think of the healing balm of the gospel and the sure foundation of the rock of Jesus Christ -- which is supposed to be the essence of what Mormonism is about.

800 %:! Fire

I think of the mighty change of heart, the baptism by fire, which is an essential part of entering through the gate, embarking on the straight and narrow way, and thus establishing oneself upon the rock of Jesus Christ.

Interesting indeed, is the co-incidence that 800 happens to be the primary and most well-known toll-free telephone prefix -- in token of the free gift of salvation offered by Jesus Christ to those who come under his grace through obedience to his gospel.  [See on-line book, A Mighty Change for a New World.]

On a society level, the coming fires of tribulation are what will define the entire body of those who are now considered "Gentiles" in prophecy, to then become classified as "Israel," having been transformed.

Now in curious contrast and juxtaposition to this comes 801, symbol of the Mormons by virtue of the telephone area code, 801, where the world headquarters of the church is located.

>> 801 %:! A sacrifice, so called from the fire (:!) by which it is burned; as if the food for the sacred fire, to be burned for God. It comprehends all kinds of sacrifices.

In the pending chastening destructions, the wayward Mormon bride of the Lord will be purged as if by fire.  The dross will be removed.

802 %:! (1) a woman, female, (a) wife, one espoused, (2) one, another; (3) anyone, whosoever.

I find this enormously significant.  In scriptural imagery, the church, or the Lord's people, are compared to the bride of the Lord. Simultaneously, it also conveys the imagery of the whore, the unfaithful woman whose affections are on other suitors (e.g. Mormon Church and the New World Order with its global perks and assurances).  The wheat (bride) and tares (whore) together grow until the separation.  Jesus' relationship with Mary Magdalene is an amazing metaphor in this light, for here was one who had been possessed of seven devils and then becomes the closest associate of the Savior's in his mortal ministry. [See essay to this effect.]

That vicinity word 802 also means "anyone, whosoever," conveys the idea that it is not a matter of gender, that all may become the "bride" of the Lord in a metaphorical sense.

see 803 %*:! Support, column, foundation.

Note that this word definition closely matches word #803 in the Greek lexicon, "Firmness, security, safety."  Again, the idea of the sure foundation of Christ comes to mind.  But also, in the metaphorical sense of the bride-Lord relationship, we each are to be a firm support to the cause of Christ on the earth.

Gesenius lists two more words before getting to word 804.

see 380 0&:! darkness, Prov. 20:20

Proverbs 20:20 reads "Whoso curseth his father or his mother, his lamp shall be put out in obscure darkness."  I think of the work of the Father in the latter-days among the Gentiles, which work they are prophesied to reject, turning from the light that comes among them, as the Jews rejected the Son. [Click here for extensive scriptural commentary on this theme.]

Also, in this sense, the "mother" represents the spiritual/ intuitive revolution taking place in our day, elevating women back to their rightful place of dignity.

838, 839 9&:! (1) a step. Metaphorically, steps are said to follow the footprints of God, and, on the other hand, to totter, to slide, in reference to virtue and religion.

Again, a strong connotation of the wheat and tares that grow side by side in the outward "Church."

802 9&:! (1) a step; (2) pr.n. Assyria

Isaiah and others use the "Assyrian" as a metaphor for that latter-day army that the Lord uses as an instrument of his wrath to punish the wayward people and nation of God, which pertains to the United States in general but to the Mormons in these valleys especially.  The metaphorical salt that has lost its savor that is trodden under feet of men, is an alternative rendition of the same chastening event.  The modern "Assyrian" equivalent will consist of many not-yet-converted Israelites, who after the treading down will convert and become more righteous than the Gentiles/Mormons ever were -- just like the Lamanites and Nephites in the books of Helaman and III Nephi.  The Lord used the Lamanites to punish the Nephites, and the Lamanites became more righteous than the Nephites.

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