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Area Codes
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Correlations between telephone area code numbers and word and page numbers in the Bible lexicons and English dictionaries.


    "Call to me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things which you do not know."

-- Jeremiah 33:3

Sample correlations:

(1)  888 is one of the toll-free prefixes in the U.S.  It is also the sum of the letters that spell Jesus in Greek, who offers the gift (toll-free) of salvation to all who will receive it.

(2)  763 is the phone prefix in Highland, Utah.  Word 763 in the Hebrew Old Testament lexicon means "highland."

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bullet  Introductory Documents

Alphabetics Definition
The study of (1) word meaning relationships in their alphabetical sequence context as well as (2) the numbering associated with that sequence and
Brief Introduction to Alphabetics Word-Number Scripture Code
One-page explanation for those not familiar with this approach. 
Brief Intro Essay
Alphabetics Principles, Methods, Resources
How to look things up word-number matches for yourself on topics of interest to you, such as your name, phone number, etc.

Area Code Map

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bullet  Area Codes in the Scripture Codes

Area Code 385 -- Utah's New Prefix
Telephone number calls: 'Awake, awake; put on thy strength, O Zion. Shake thyself from the dust; loose thyself from the bands of thy neck.' Includes reference to SLC 2002 Winter Olympics.
Area Code 809 Scam Foretold
New Testament lexicon word and page numbers 809 foretell scammers on commission with foreign telephone companies urging calls to British Virgin Islands.
1-800, 888, Jesus -- All TOLL-FREE
Number of Jesus in Greek is 888, word 800 in Hebrew means, "fire," metaphorically linking to being born again, toll-free.  (-page)
Mormons & 801: As Salt That Has Lost Its Savor
Looking at the occurrence of 801 in Hebrew & Greek lexicons and at the words surrounding "Mormon" in Hebrew, Greek and English.  Theme of "foolish" (word 801 Gr.) vs. wise virgins. (17pp.)
Chapter 801 is Lamentations 4
435 Utah Area Code and the Mormon Remnant Outcasts
Missouri Area Code 816 in Alphabetics
A people hid by the Lord to do a great work, who look forward to his coming, but who must first be purified.
202 -- Washington D.C. Area Code (part of another write-up)
"they require," "take away," "transfer from one to another" (From My Social Security Number in the Bible Lexicons)
888 and 'Without Hands' -- meaning & name of Jesus

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bullet Other Write-ups Dealing with Telephone Prefixes and Suffixes in the Scripture Codes
-835 and Manti foretold in the Bible
Manti, Utah (telephone prefix -835) probably has more excommunicated Mormons (for their "apostate" beliefs) per capita than any other town in the world. Words 835 and pages 835 in the Old and New Testament lexicons contain extensive commentary germane to Manti. (12pp.)
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Specific Numbers:
Our Phone Suffix, 1625, and My Nurturing Wife
Wirthlin Worldwide
The Wirthlin Group telephone survey company prophesied in the New Testament alphabetics code. (1 p) 
1-888- I Live Joy -- Living Joy:  Healing of the Soul
Looking at the numbers 5483, 569, 8356 (phone numbers) in the Old and New Testament lexicons as they relate to the mission of Renelle Smith Krueger's Living Joy Institute. (2pp.)
763 is Jer. 18
Alpha and Omega Words and Numbers Identify Messiah
Mentions area codes 800, 801, 435, 303, 888.
License Plate 364-KRH = "Allan"
Mentions area codes 801, 888
Randall & Laura Shortridge in Alphabetics Bible Code
Alphabetics > People > Enoch Shemna
Jahnihah's phone suffixes
Gayle Smith's Phone Suffix in the Old Testament Lexicon

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