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New Evidences for the Book of Mormon ... with Commentary

588-Page Book of Mormon

Alphabetics Witnesses of and Commentary on the Book of Mormon from Words and Pages 588 from Biblical and Related Sources

The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ

The first Book of Mormon published had 588 pages.  Words and pages numbered 588 in the Old and New Testament lexicon, as well as other pages 588 of note provide compelling witness and commentary to the Book of Mormon.


Press Release > Pagination of Book of Mormon Proves Its Voracity - Numbering of alphabetical sequence of Biblical words testifies of Mormon Scripture. (August 2, 2003)


Recommended to read in sequence as given below.

[Section 1: Receive my Word] Mormons will love this one; Christians will find themselves in a dilemma of faith because the Bible is testifying of the Book of Mormon.

Preface: 588 and the Book of Mormon - Study inspired by Krakauer's Under the Banner of Heaven.
Word number 588 in the New Testament Lexicon - "Heartily receive the word of God."
Page 588 in Gesenius' OT Lexicon - do not despise, except to spiritual condemnation
Page 588 in James Strong's Concordance of the Bible - law of God; lawyers and secret combinations

[Section 2: Mountain Meadows Massacre] Christians will find themselves gloating, while Mormons are uncomfortable here.

Page 588 in Zodhiates' NT Lexicon - Unearthing the BofM: "[the plates] lie in wait, a stone is rolled away, the things within contain an account for a cause."  Allusions also to the "lying in wait" of Mountain Meadows Massacre.
Word 588 is on p. 222 of Zodhiates - parallel September 11ths, 144 years apart.
Page 588 in the 1966 LDS Bible - "thou hast shed much blood upon the earth in my sight."

[Section 3: Whisper from the Dust]  Mormons will love and hate this one; so will Christians.

Word 588 Derives from Word 5170 in the OT Lexicon - whispering from the dust and familiar spirits.

[Section 4: JJ Dewey as Joseph Smith again?]  Seekers will find this section the most helpful.

588 and JJ Dewey - Insertion of Dewey alphabetically; "master, come hither, again the second time;" receiving the work of gathering into a soul-unified society.

[Section 5: 132, 133 and Polygamy]  Unexpected twist on Nauvoo exodus.

Words 1198 - 1212 on Page 133 Gesenius; Page 132 and Polygamy - specific link to "Mormon" and telephone area code 801; commentary on God's punishment in Nauvoo; polygamy as a deception.

[Section 6: Deo & Dei and Yin/Yang]

1210, deo & dei - link to SDA wife; statement for monogamy.
588 and 399 - Lee and SDA's stint in jail.

[Section 7: Perpetuity & Alphabetics]

Page 588 in Thayer's NT Lexicon - firmness, truth, applied to the word of God; insertion point of Sterling; alphabetics.
Tangent: Fox Slows to a Trot - July 24 publication experience.
Tangent: In Pioneer Day Parade - July 24 publication experience.
Tangent: Far Side Cartoon and 666 Address - humorous coincidence
Word 588 in the OT Lexicon - straight and narrow; Allon, we, I(am).

[Section 8: Koran, Siddur] Should give the Jews and Muslims something to think about.

Page 588 of the Holy Qur-an - Rejecting the new prophet: "We see in thee nothing but a man like ourselves."
Page 588 of The Complete Artscroll Siddur - "Shalosh Seudos: Askinu Seudasa;" three divisions of scripture.

[Section 9: English Dictionaries]  These are not as strong in their correlations, but are still worth mentioning.

Page 588 of Webster's 1961 Dictionary - affirmation of Chiasmus as a witnessing tool.
Page 588 of The New Webster Encyclopedic Dictionary - Iesous was ostracized too.
Page 588 Webster's II New Riverside Dictionary - new finish, receive, restored

[Section 10: Epilogue]

Page 588 of Eight Translation New Testament - Messiah is David's God and son.





English words of value 588 - Ciprian Pater gives a list of words whose letter sums is 588, assigning an ascending numeric value to the English alphabet.
Dewey is not apt to feed a personality cult - Susan Carter, Sterling's Mother-in-law, gives her assessment of Dewey, as one of his strongest supporters.


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