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DOCTRINE in Alphabetics Word-Number Scripture Code

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'Book of Mormon' in Bible Codes (Index)

588-Page Book of Mormon in Alphabetics - First BofM had 588 pages.  Witnesses from the Bible of the BofM.
531-page Book of Mormon Validated in Alphabetics Bible Code
Words and Pages number 531 in the Old and New Testament Lexicons and several English dictionaries vindicate the Book of Mormon's witness of Jesus Christ (14 pp.)
360 -- Many Evidences for the Book of Mormon
Skip sequence for 'sefer (Book) MORMON' in Bible Code is 360. Words and pages 360 in Bible-bases sources provide affirmative commentary on the Book of Mormon.
283 Days of Gestation and Birthing of the Man Child
The word definitions associated with words and pages numbered 283 provide prophetic commentary on the pending coming forth of the kingdom of God.
A New Testament: A Mighty Change for a New World
Highlights the Baptism of Fire and of the Holy Ghost as Being Fundamental in the Doctrine of Christ.  (67 pp Book)  Includes studies of the following words: 
40+ Consecutive Parallel Word Definitions Between Old and New Testament Lexicon -- 'Watch and Know'
Mainly comments on the paradoxical relationship between God and man, in which God dispenses so much Mercy, which man shuns at first with disdain but then embraces.
Zenos' Allegory (Jacob 5) in the New Testament Lexicon
Eleven consecutive pages of definitions in Zodhiates New Testament dictionary contain key words from Zenos' Allegory and of vineyard imagery in general, confirming the allegory and offering additional insight.  (7 pp)
They Shall Say, "The Lord Delayeth His Coming"
Israel and Equal : A Grand Paradox
These words are right next to each other in Greek, offering a commentary on why God has a "chosen" people.


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