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Alphabetics -- Good or Evil?
Isn't this a form of numerology or divination, and are they not of the devil?
Q. What evidence can you produce that this is of God?

Why Alphabetics?
What is the practical application?

Looking up ______
Can you look up my name, address, phone number for me?
Q. How do I go about looking something up?
What determines whether something will have an application?
Q. How can I spot a 'match' or a 'hit'?  What's the 'fudge factor'?
How accurate is Alphabetics?
Can the code be used for making predictions?

Phenomenon's Extent
What resource do you find the most 'productive'?
Have you tried looking in books that are not scripture-based?
Q. Have you looked in books or sources of a blatantly Satanic origin or nature?
Q. What books have you looked at, and how well did they 'work'?


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Alphabetics -- Good or Evil?

Q. Isn't this a form of numerology or divination, and are they not of the devil?

A. Like television or the computer, for example, Alphabetics, is a tool.  How you use it and the intent of your heart determines whether it is good or bad.  For every grace of God, Satan has a counterfeit.  And conversely, for every demonstration of evil, an opposite good can be found -- opposition in all things.

Q. What evidence can you produce that this is of God?

A. The proofs are many; nay, they are innumerable; but, like any other matter of divinity, require an element of faith to be embraced and believed.


Why Alphabetics?

Q. What is the practical application?

A. Besides finding insights into today's world in general, discovering specific applications to your situation from an outside source of miraculous proportions (coded messages) can help be a catalyst for receiving personal revelation from God as you ask questions and receive answers for direction in your life.  It can also increase your faith in God and of his(&her) awareness and foreknowledge of you specifically.  Most of all it can be a tool for helping you accomplish your unique foreordained mission in life wherein you might find the greatest joy.


Looking up ______

Q. Can you look up my name/address/phone number?

A. Part of the discovery process is making applications (drawing parallels) from what you find under a given word definition or statements on a page.  It is hard for me to do that for or regarding anyone unless I know them.  Furthermore, a big part of the value of this approach is what is gained in the process of making the discoveries -- looking things up, being impressed to look here or there, and being amazed by the results.   Why would I want to take that away from you?  That is why I generally encourage people to look things up for themselves.

Q. How do I go about looking something up?

A. There are a great many ways for looking things up.  These are listed in a 'tools and methods' document.  The general idea is that you are basically matching contemporary numbers and names with the numbering and alphabetical listings of words, especially from a scriptural source.  The most important principle is one of faith that there is something to be found, seeking the Lord for inspiration as you look for applications.  It is not a purely logical process, nor is it a purely whimsical one.  It requires the left and right brain to be engaged, working together.

Q. What determines whether something will have an application?

A. From what I have observed thus far, I would say that the more something is in line with its divine destiny or course, the more likely it is to have a strong application in Alphabetics.

Q. How can I spot a 'match' or a 'hit'?  What is the 'fudge factor'?

A. Matches dealing with words and their associated numbers is very much like matches of people.  Some combinations have very little in common.  Some have a great deal in common.  Marriages usually result from the best matches.  But even in the case of the combinations with little in common, there is nonetheless something of benefit to be derived.  Any two people on the planet can glean a lesson from one another if they spend any time together.  The passing on the street is of little value if there is no pausing.  So it is with word and number matching.  Time spent pondering possible applications and meanings is never wasted time.  Nevertheless, there is still such a thing as a 'match made in heaven.'  So it is with word-number matches.   And like the ideal couple, their voracity is accompanied by multiple and ongoing witnesses to verify the divine intention.

 Q. How accurate is Alphabetics?

A. Alphabetics is but a tool to bring a person closer to God and to their foreordained calling in this life.   It is not an end of itself.  It is a means to an end, that end being truth.  The accuracy of application is not a fixed quantity but is a dynamic flow of input to help a person or society make wise choices and change for the better, helping them along their path to ultimate good -- God.

Q. Can the code be used for making predictions?

A. 'Prediction' is not really an appropriate word to describe the codes prophetic mode.  'Prediction' connotes the idea of a fixed outcome.  That is not the ultimate purpose of divine prophecy -- to tell us what is going to happen no matter what.  Rather, the purpose of prophecy, including alphabetics, is to show us what will happen when a given path is taken.  By showing us what the outcome would be ahead of time, it spurs us to alter our present course -- to repent.  Hence the best 'prophet' is one whose dire predictions never come to pass because people change their ways for good.  Principles, which stem from God, might be thought of as fixed and immovable, but the application of those principles, or lack thereof, and the associated consequences is a dynamic process of flux and change.  Alphabetics is but one of many tools given us by God to bring our lives into harmony with his will, and part of that is by aiding us as we look to the future at the possibilities of where we might end up and inviting us to amend our current course to bring about a better outcome.


Phenomenon's Extent

Q. What resource do you find the most 'productive'?

A. I find that the Old and News Testament lexicons are the most rich and consistent source for finding significant and enlightening matches.  And among the four lexicons in my possession, I find Zodhiates' Complete Word Study Dictionary: New Testament to be the best overall.

Q. Have you tried looking in books other than scripture-based books?

A. I have, and what I have observed is the following: The more aligned a person, place, event, book is with the purposes of God, the more likelihood there is for a "hit" when looking something up.

Q. Have you looked for the phenomenon in books or sources of a blatantly Satanic origin or nature?

A. I've not pursued this and have no inclination to so either at this point. That will have to be the work of someone else.  I would guess that there is a reverse phenomenon: that the more aligned something is with Satan's purposes, the more likely the "hits" will pertain to Satanic ends.

Q. What books have you looked at in search of the phenomenon, and how well did they 'work'?

A. I have found the Old and New Testament lexicons to be the most productive.  I've gone to the library and looked at lexicons other than the four I own, and found the phenomenon to hold there as well, looking up page numbers for example, the books having varied pagination.  The LDS Topical Guide and Bible Dictionary is another productive source using this approach.  The various English dictionaries I've looked at (page numbers and surrounding words) are consistently pretty good.  My guess is that the same holds true in other languages.  Page numbering in scriptures also works, though it is harder to find a 'hit' one might consider significant, inasmuch as pretty well any page of scripture is going to convey application to just about any situation in question.  Chapter numbers, inasmuch as they are the same from one scripture publication to the next seem to have a higher occurrence of finding significant matches.  These are the sources I routinely check.

In addition to these, I've also tried other religious books, such as a copy of the Quran I have.  The phenomenon (page numbers matching other numbers in question) doesn't seem to hold there except remotely and infrequently.  Jesus the Christ by James Talmage, on the other hand, seems to be more productive (page numbers) than a book of no religious bearing.


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