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From: Sterling D. Allan <>
Date: Tuesday, October 26, 1999 12:08 PM
Subject: {888} The Lord Delayeth His Coming

David's Outcasts -


Yes, the appearance of Jesus Christ in the clouds in glory may yet be many years off, for so much has yet to happen before that time.  That event is like the cherry at the top of end-time events and tribulations.  It coincides with that time after the righteous are lifted up while the earth below them is burned by fire and transformed into a paradisiacal state, so that when we are set back down on the soil it will no longer be a telestial sphere but a terrestrial one. (IMHO.)

My guess for the date on that one is in the vicinity of 2015.  Word 2015 in the NT lexicon (Zodhiates, see Biblio below) means "An appearing, appearance; spoken of the first advent of the Lord Jesus; used only by Paul for the second and future appearance of the Lord;" with the single antonym word number 666, "absence."

The whole sequence of word-numbers in the lexicon, beginning with at least 1963 charts a parallel chronology for last-days events year-by-year.  For whatever reason, including the injunction to liken all things to us, I found an astonishing correlation (nearly 100%) between the definitions for words 1963-1998 and the events in my own life during the years by that number.  Furthermore, the word-numbers beyond that seem to have strong application to important prophecies about pending events.

Because the past events were so correlated, I can't help but think that the future ones will be as well.  Take, for example, word 2000.  It means, "Literally, near to falling, ready to fall, not firm, insecure, dangerous" from a root that means, "to supplant, throw down."  With Y2K in the wings, that definitions is an ominous correlation.

Nevertheless, our agency reigns supreme, and these things should be considered as probable futures, to warn and inspire us, not to lock us into a predestined course in which responsibility for our actions is abrogated.  See

For another piece of astonishing trivia, when you take the CAPITAL letters of the alphabet in chronological sequence, A,B,C,D,E,F,G,..., X,Y,Z and take the numerical equivalent for them according to the ASCII code, in which A=65, B=66, Z=90; and add them all together, you get the SUM of 2015.

I find this particularly validating of my paradigm inasmuch as I have been stating that "Alphabetics" is another name for "Father," which is spelled "aleph" "bet" in Hebrew.  That the numerical value of the alphabet letters themselves would point to the second coming is awesome.

So now I come to the point for which I began this post.  You propose that Y2K could end up being a non-event, which would have the effect of putting people even more to sleep than they are now, saying that "The Lord delayeth his coming," hence fulfilling prophecy; so that years down the road when things do topple, they will be comatose asleep.

I disagree with this scenario.  While I agree that there is indeed a great deal of millenium-end frenzy going on, with many people anticipating things to happen, the verifiable fact is that the majority mainstream are in reverse proportion equally lethargic and expect things to go on pretty much as usual.  They think of these millennium frenzy people as kooky.  Many may entertain some kind of cataclysmic scenarios in their mind, but they do not take these possibilities serious enough to do anything about them.  Life goes on.

If you look at the millennium-end frenzy over the past several decades, you will recall that the current frenzy is not much different than what is kicked around at any given time, though its intensity has increased as the millennium end has drawn near.

Whether it was the threat of nuclear war, biological catastrophe, terrorist tampering, alien invasions, natural disasters, or environmental havoc, people have been able to drum up a large number of scenarios for tribulations that they thought could happen as part of the wrapping up scenes.

As the prognosticated dates have come and gone -- unfulfilled prophecies for the most part -- people have become burned out on the whole mess of trying to predict the future and prepare for it.

As we now sit poised on the brink of the year 2000, and world economy still seems to be humming along at a brisk and healthy pace, the possibility of this prosperity suddenly being yanked away seems even less plausible.

"If something was going to happen in connection with the millenium end, it would have been well under way by now" is the thinking.  "And because it hasn't, it probably will not for yet many more years."

One of the measures that I can personally relate to on this is the fact that in the six months or so that my "Emergency Preparedness Supplies in the Spirit of Joseph of Egypt" web site has been up I've not had one sale through that means.  Not one.

My main food storage supplier, Jerry Mower (many of you know him), has had to close shop and get another job.

People have simply stopped getting things in preparation for what is coming.

If they were inclined to do anything, they have already done it.  And with things seeming like they are not going to be as bad as expected, why sweat it now?  No one else is.

In other words, we are already in the day when people are saying "The Lord delayeth his coming."

When in truth, it sure looks very much like the lull before the storm.

If there has ever been a time to be on our toes it is now -- and for a multitude of reasons, ranging from current Soviet Military build-up, Chinese-Taiwan tension, Y2K, Indonesia-India tension, etc.  Yet the alertness level is probably at a many-decades low.  The enemy could not pick a better time to slam on us.

Even the small remnant who are taking things seriously and preparing for the chaos that will accompany the unraveling of Babylon, preceded first by her unprecedented prominence,  are so strapped financially from months and years of preparation that they are mainly just gearing up spiritually, emotionally and intellectually.  Zion is poorer temporally than she has ever been, while Babylon is now coming into her full strength.  (Gratefully the temporal poorness of the builders of Zion lends to spiritual strength, and that is what will give us the victory.)

No, I don't think things are far away.  I think they are closer than ever.  Things are going to get real exciting very soon in my humble opinion.

Sterling D. Allan
new scripture word code studies
preparedness in the spirit of Joseph of Egypt

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Spiros Zodhiates "Complete Word Study Dictionary: New Testament," AMG
Publishers, 1992.  Purchase now from


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Christ's Coming to Individual

From: Randall Shortridge <>
To: David's Outcasts <>
Date: Tuesday, October 26, 1999 10:30 AM
Subject: Re: April 6, 2030 ?????

David's Outcasts -

Maybe missed the point completely.  Second coming happens in every
generation.  That is why Jesus said about it... "This generation shall
not pass until all things fulfilled."

All scriptures are about you as well as fulfilled in the present (now). The second coming happens to you whenever you are ready.  That is why no man knows the day nor the hour.  You don't know it, since it hasn't happened yet to you, and noone else can know when it will happen to you either.  Only the (universal) Father knows when you will see.

In reality, it (second coming) has already happened.  Christ stands at the door and knocks, but you must open it.  He is in the midst of us, but we know it not.  One will see when one has eyes to see.

Some on this list probably already seen Christ in his glory (second coming).  Then weeped and wailed cause they crucifed him. 


From: Randall Shortridge <>
To: David's Outcasts <>
Date: Tuesday, October 26, 1999 2:28 PM
Subject: Re: {888} The Lord Delayeth His Coming

David's Outcasts -

"Sterling D. Allan" wrote:

> SUBJECT: They Shall Say, "The Lord Delayeth His Coming"

Interesting saying you put forth.

When Jesus was asked about it, one of his answers was the (second) coming would be like the light that rises in the east and sets in the west.

Wasn't he saying that it happens every day?... just like the sun comes up and goes down?

Meanwhile a whole bunch of folks say... no, I don't believe it.... it will be later.   ;-)


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