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World Spy Network Exposed

Multi-national, industrial espionage facilities keep track of global electronic data transfer.  Tools of today's Orwellian world.

Echelon, under U.S.'s NSA and other world superpowers, can intercept two billion phone calls per day, along with faxes and e-mails and other electronic communications.


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bullet Photos

ECHELON intercept station at Menwith Hill, England
ECHELON intercept station at Menwith Hill, England
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UKUSA station target Intelsat satellites
Six UKUSA station target Intelsat satellites
Covert Action Quarterly

see caption
Australian Echelon site near Geraldton, Western Australia

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bullet  News Reports

This Is How We Know Echelon Exists (UK Register, 9/14/01) - The European Parliament published its report into the Echelon spying system last week in which it concluded it did exist.
CIA patching ECHELON shortcomings (UK Register, Mar. 6, 2001)
Filtering capabilities increasing.
New Echelon Disclosures (WorldNetDaily, Mar. 27, 2000)
Massive eavesdropping scheme under the U.S.'s National Security Agency.  Also involved through a diplomatic construct known as the UKUSA Alliance are  Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. The system is reputedly capable of recording every digital transmission relayed throughout the world each day.  Using "dictionary" computers, the system can search all the collected messages for keywords, easily and quickly identifying those messages with intelligence implications.
U.S. spying pays off for business (MSNBC, April 14, 2000)
While the U.S. government has long maintained that its intelligence agencies donít participate in industrial espionage, NBC News has learned that companies have benefited from Echelon, the long-rumored worldwide electronic spying network. Digging through mountains of testimony has revealed several references to U.S. intelligence gatherers ó specifically the Central Intelligence Agency ó using information itís collected to indirectly help U.S. firms in their bids for international projects.
Monitor This, Echelon (Wired News, Oct. 22, 1999)
Hackers conspire to jam Echelon electronic spying network by inundating the Internet with bogus 'suspect' messages.
Spying on the Spies (Wired News, May. 10, 1999)
European Parliament charges that Echelon was being used to funnel European government and industry secrets into US hands
Eavesdropping on Europe (Wired News, Sep. 30, 1998)
The lid is about to come off what is reputedly one of the most powerful, secretive, and extensive spy networks in history.
Ex-head of CIA says spying on Europe justified (, Mar. 29, 2000)
Denies that the United States was giving secret information collected from European companies to their US competitors


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ECHELON: America's Secret Global Surveillance Network
Documents the nitty gritty of what, why, when, where and how.
Echelon, an Index
Media Coverage links 2/97-11/98; Related Sites & Expository Documents links
Echelon Online Surveillance
Extensive up-to-date coverage quoting from several news sources. Echelon Watch
Echelon Watch - a project of the ACLU (of all things!)
Site designed to encourage public discussion of this potential threat to civil liberties, and to urge the governments of the world to protect our rights.
Project Echelon - chronological listing of news articles
Search Engine Listings
Yahoo! > Home > Government > Intelligence > Echelon Network
Google on "Echelon"
DMOZ on "Echelon"
MIT project lets citizens 'Google' feds - Reverse Orwell site lets public track government officials. (CNN, July 6, 2003)

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bullet  Words around "Echelon" in English

According to Alphabetics, words before and after a word in its alphabetical sequence lend prophetic and expository meaning to the word.

The words before and after "Echelon" in my Webster's '71 dictionary are as follows (my comments in [brackets]):

eccentric, deviating from usual practice; anomalous.  [Echelon is supposedly created for civil protection from things like terrorists, but its functions are reported to go far beyond just that.]

ecclesiastic, ecclesiastical, Pertaining or relating to the church; not civil or secular. [Echelon is supposedly for civil protection, but reports abound of its abuse by spying into the business sector, which makes one wonder if maybe ecclesiastics snooping for heretics might not be one of its uses.]

ecdysis, (Gr., from ekdyo, to strip off -- ek, out of, and dyo, to enter.) The act of shedding or casting an outer coat or integument, as in the case of serpents, certain insects. [Echelon removes the exterior barriers of privacy so as to be able to spy into private activities.]


echidna, (Gr., an adder, a fabulous monster [beast].) A burrowing mammal of Australia belonging to the Monotremata and resembling the hedgehog, except that the muzzle is protracted and slender, with a small aperture at the extremity for the protrusion of a long flexible tongue, by means of which it catches its insect prey; the porcupine anteater. [Echelon burrows deep through the barriers to privacy and catches its prey with its long flexible tongue of deceit.  Those who dare cross it, have its protective spines to contend with.]

echidnine, Serpent poison; the secretion from the poison glands of the viper and other serpents.

echinate, echinated, Set with prickles; prickly, like a hedgehog; having sharp points.

echinoderm, Any marine animal of the phylum Echinodermata, having radial appendages, symmetrical body structure, and a spiny calcareous exoskeleton, such as the sea urchin. [Echelon is tied into the maritime admiralty jurisdiction conspiracy whose prickly laws are contrary to common law of freedom.]

echo, A sound reflected or reverberated from a distant surface; sound returned; repercussion of sound; repetition with assent; close imitation either in words or sentiments.

by Sterling D. Allan; Manti, Utah; March 31, 2000


Virginia S. Thatcher, Alexander McQueen; The New Webster Encyclopedic Dictionary of the English Language; Consolidated Book Publishers, Chicago, 1971. ISBN 0-8326-0021-0.


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