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Groups / Organizations Foretold in Alphabetics Word-Number Scripture Code



Mormons & 801: As Salt That Has Lost Its Savor
Looking at the occurrence of 801 in Hebrew & Greek lexicons and at the words surrounding "Mormon" in Hebrew, Greek and English.  Theme of "foolish"  vs. "wise" virgins. (17pp.)
Echelon -- Worldwide Espionage Network Exposed in Alphabetics
Echelon, under U.S.A.'s NSA and other world superpowers, can intercept two billion phone calls per day, along with faxes and e-mails and other electronic communications.
LDS Administration Building Address
Names, numbers of the address for the headquarters of the Mormon Church's First Presidency, Quorum of Twelve Apostles, other general authorities contain prophetic commentary.
Wirthlin Worldwide
The Wirthlin Group telephone survey company prophesied in the New Testament alphabetics code. (1 p) 
Nigerian 419 Scam in Alphabetics Bible Code
Fraud depicted, reminder to love ones enemy. (1/2page)


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