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The Man of Freedom

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With you telling us that your "old" name, the one under the SSN system that you repudiated, is DERF backwards, I thought I would look that name up using Alphabetics techniques and see what I come up with. I had the impression that there would be a positive meaning that would surprise you in this very boring name -- perhaps the most boring name next to "George."

I opened my Webster's 1971 dictionary and guess what the very first word after the insertion point of "Fred" is?


That's right. And I would say that is a pretty big hit for what your life has been about.

The word prior to the insertion point is

freckle, i. To MARK or become MARKED with freckles.

A word play that ties in the reason you repudiated that name.

The word before that is

FREAK: an odd, whimsical person

I bet that thought passed through more than one person's mind as you walked down the streets in a robe looking like Jesus and carrying the name of Jesus.

The word before that is

FRAY: To fright; to terrify.

Isn't that how you said some people responded to you, such as the police, who avoided you?

Next word up is

FRAUGHT: Filled, stored, charged

Your whole identity is fraught with loaded ramifications.

The next word before that:


This is what some people thought of you. And this is what you thought of the SSN and the whole Babylon system, and is why you opted out.

And before that:


Hey, brother!

The next word after "free", going down the alphabetical sequence of words, is


I bet when you were living on the streets for two years that there were many occasions when this word had acute meaning for you.

Next word down:


I bet you jumped on a train or a truck hitching a ride more than once.

Next, I looked up the name "FReD" in mnemonic equivalents. F=8, R=4, D=1 (e has no equivalent). 841

Word 841 in the NT lexicon means "Self-sufficiency in a god sense, sufficiency with oneself as spoken of a satisfied mind or disposition. Spoken of the necessities of life; contentment." Antonyms "(1132), nudity, hence need; (3042), scarcity of food, famine, hunger; (5303), deficit, want, lack; (318), need distress."

I bet you anything that on the outside the antonym would seem very fitting, but in your spirit, word 841 is the most applicable. Remember too, in the 888 Jesus write-up how tightly the words "sufficient" and "necessary" tie into the name of Jesus.

Word 841 in the OT lexicon means "upright to God."

Page 841 of Zodhiates has some neat opposite stuff on it (get to it later if I can).

Next I looked up the words around DERF in my Webster's 1971 dictionary.

DEPRIVE (from privo, to take away. PRIVATE [also in the etymology of the word FREE]) To take from; to dispossess; to bereave of something possessed or enjoyed.

In removing your SSN you removed yourself from the privileges of Babylon.


DEPURATE To free from impurities

DEPUTE To appoint as a substitute or agent to act for another

the idea of signature as you explain on your web page?

DERACINATE to pluck up by the roots; to extirpate

getting out of the system

DERANGE to put out of order; to throw into confusion; to embarrass

Babylon does not like what you are doing, it throws their work into confusion

DERELICT Left; abandoned, especially abandoned at sea --n. An article abandoned by the owner

leaving your SSN and the corrupt maritime law of the sea that has come to land

[DERF insertion point]

DERIDE - to laugh at in contempt; to turn to ridicule or make sport of

Surely something you can relate to in how you have been treated.

DERIVE - to divert or turn aside from a natural course; to receive from a source or as from a source or origin (to derive power, knowledge, facts)

You said you have learned much and received additional gifts because of your decision to leave the system.

DERMA The true skin, or under layer of the skin.

Anyway, I thought you would appreciate these finds. I've got to go but wanted to get this to you.




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-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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