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George W. BushBush in Alphabetics

What the alphabetical sequence of word definitions have to say about "bush" in the Hebrew Old Testament and Greek New Testament dictionaries.

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"GEORGE W. BUSH" = 1980
. . .in alphabetic times 6 reversed conversion.

1980 is the year George Bush was elected Vice President, becoming President in 1988.  Now the reverse is happening.  Dubya is running for the first time against an incumbent V.P.

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Words around the word for "bush" in the New Testament Greek Dictionary

There is but one word listed in the index under "bush" in Zodhiates' Word Study Dictionary of the New Testament.  The following words that come before and after it appear as though they are possible intentional foreordained commentary on George W. Bush as a candidate and potential office holder as President of the United States.

I don't see these hints as cast in stone prophecy, but they do give us an opportunity to exercise more wisdom in the direction we are headed both individually and as a nation.

934 basileia Royal dominion, kingdom
933 basileion royal houses, palaces
934 basileios Royal, belonging to, appointed, suitable for the king
935 basileus A king, monarch.
936 basileuo To reign, rule, be king
937 basilikos Kingly, belonging to a king
938 basilissa A queen

These definitions set the context and give the idea that we are talking about leadership.  They also would suggest that Bush will indeed be the one who is elected.  Perhaps reading between the lines, this could be a commentary as to his socialist leanings which are more aligned with a monarchy like rule.

939 basis A basis, base or foundation from its steadiness. The sole of the foot, or in a more general meaning, the foot of a man, which is, as it were, the basis on which he stands or goes.
Syn. (2362), seat, throne, as something immovable.

This definition convey the idea of the political platform on which a candidate stands, or the principles upon which an official stands.  In the case of Dubya, his father's legacy also comes to mind. [See instance of "foundations" below in reference to the occurrence of "bush" in the Old Testament lexicon.]

941 bastazo To raise upon a basis, to support. To take up and hold, to bear.  The punishment incurred by being foolish.  To bear patiently.

And now we come to the entry for "bush."

>942 batos A thornbush or bramble.

I fail to see any significance in these next two words, though there could be something big hidden therein.

943 batos A bath (Jewish measure) [n.a.?]

944 batrachos A frog [n.a.?]

945 battologeo To speak foolishly, babble, chatter. Much talk without content, repeating the same thing over and over again, useless speaking without distinct expression of purpose as contrasted to succinct, knowledgeable speech.

This certainly fits the stereotype that has accompanied George W. Bush.  The wording, "as contrasted to succinct, knowledgeable speech" fits the stereotype that has been cast for Al Gore.  As will be discussed at greater length below, one of the words for "bush" in Hebrew also means, "speech, discourse" (7880).

946 bdelugma Abomination. (I) Generally that which is detestable to God; (II) That which was unclean in the Jewish tradition and especially of impure idol worship; hence, idolatry, licentiousness, abominable impurity [e.g.] "the abomination of desolation."
947 bdeluktos Abominable, detestable.
948 bdelusso To cause to be abhorred, to turn oneself away from a stench, to feel disgust, detest; polluted with crimes.

Even now, with Bush's skull and bones history and other more current and shady New World Order insider connections, one does not need a great deal of imagination to see how these word definitions could come into play in a major way. [See write-up Dubya -- NWO Insider Choice.]

949 bebaios Fixed, sure, certain. Figuratively that upon which one may build, rely, or trust.

No matter who is elected, no matter how righteous or wicked, we must learn to realize that only when God is our rock and our salvation will we have a solid foundation.  It is never prudent to put too much trust in the arm of flesh, even with the most benign magistrate.  What matters far more than the form of government is the hearts of the people who are governed.

This sort of juxtapositioning of opposites is a common feature in alphabetics.  Here it contrasts the abomination of desolation, which will be destroyed, with the rock of Christ and the Messianic kingdom prophesied to come.

Could these words surrounding the Greek word for "bush" be a prophesy that the great and abominable will come to a head during the presidency of George W. Bush?


Words around the word for "bush" in the Old Testament Hebrew dictionary

There are two words in Gesenius' Hebrew Chaldee Lexicon to the Old Testament whose definition is "bush."  The word definitions surrounding both of these instances seem to have possible application to the phenomenon of George W. Bush, both in a present and in a future sense.

Word 7880 on page 789: a shrub, bush

There is some pretty heavy-duty code stuff going on on pages 788 and 789 in relation to word 7880, that means "bush" in Hebrew.

The word also means "(2) speech, discourse; (3) quarrel; (4) meditation," thus tying it to NT definition 945, "speaking..." three words after the definition for "bush" in Greek, above.

In the margin of my copy of Gesenius, I note that this is the only page in the entire lexicon where the page number matches the first three digits of the word number.  On this page 789 [7.8.9] is word 7899 "thorns," which is interesting because the other occurrence of "bush" (e.g. Moses' burning bush) in the lexicon, word 5572, is also defined "thorn-bush."

Now note that the word for "bush" on page 789 (the first definition on the page) is numbered 7880.  788 is the number of the previous page.

On page 788 are the following opposite contrasting definitions.  Here is the first set, surrounding the definition for Satan. (The skip in number sequence comes because Gesenius list the sin and shin entries separately, whereas James Strong, who did the numbering, listed them together)

7814 (1) laughter, (2) derision, scorn, (3) jest
7846 deviations from what is right
7847 to decline, to turn aside from the way
7852 to lay snares for any one, to follow hostilely; to lay a noose or trap
7853 lier in wait, adversary
>7854 Satan (1) adversary, as in war, an enemy; (2) the devil
7855 (1) accusation, letter of accusation
7856 Sitnah (2) contention

Here is the second set, surrounding the definition of Sion.

7863 elevation, height
>7865 Sion "lifted up"

So here you have on page 788 a series of words strongly relevant to Satan, followed by a couple of words that speak of Zion being lifted up, conveying the idea of it being redeemed out of the midst of such wickedness.

And the number for the word for "bush" is 7880.

Now check this out.  Word 788 in the NT lexicon means "nearer, next, very near" -- which is interesting in that word 7880 in Gesenius OT lexicon is very near page 788 (the first word on page 789.  And on page 789 is the only instance in which the first three digits of the number for a word definition is the same as the page number: 7899, which means "thorns."  And that is the only word on the page beginning with 789.  Indeed, there is a phenomenon of "near, next, and very near" going on here.

What does word number 788 mean in the OT lexicon? "Opinion of God."

The unused root Gesenius lists just before word 788, from which that word is derived, is defined as meaning, "to mingle, to think."

The last definition phrase that Gesenius lists just before word 7880 ("bush") is "to think upon anything." (7878).  That is a verbatim wording match, as if to say, "this is God's opinion, and he wants you to know it is really him."

And the word just before the unused root is

787 foundations

That hearkens back to the words above with that same definition surrounding the word "bush" in Greek, with the implication in its context that the foundations of man will fail, but that God is the sure foundation on which we should build.

This is verified here by the word just prior (in Gesenius):

786 Is, are, whence, "I am."

Compare the unchangeableness of God, whose justice and mercy are befitting the circumstances and the hearts of the people, with the stubbornness of man, especially of prideful leaders as defined in word definition 786 in the NT lexicon (Zodhiates):

786 aspondos The absolutely irreconcilable person who, being at war, refuses to lay aside his enmity or to listen to terms of reconciliation.  Implacable, in a state of war.  See asunthetos (802) covenant breaker.
Ant. (1516), peaceable.

And whereas word 787 in the OT lexicon spoke of the "foundations" with the implication of comparing the foundation of trusting in God versus the foundation of trusting in the arm of flesh, word 787 in the NT lexicon seems to comment on the puniness of man.

787 assarion A Roman brass coin..., in the NT to denote the most trifling value, like our penny.  See argurion (694), silver.

One of the antonyms given by Zodhiates for word 788 is "epikeina (1900), on the further side of, beyond."  The number '1900,' which is a century number, with the phrasing "on the further side of, beyond" calls to mind the idea of the next century marker, 2000, in which this current election is taking place.

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Word 5572: a bush, thorn-bush

In addition to what was mentioned above about word 5572 in Hebrew meaning "a bush, thorn-bush," there are a few other observations that might be made in relation to words in vicinity to this one.  An unused root Gesenius lists a couple of words following this one is defined as "to blind, to dazzle."

The unused root listed just prior to word 5572, from which word 5572 is derived, means "to lift up, to elevate, or to sharpen, to be sharp."

The "lifted up, elevated" part of this definition matches nearly verbatim the definitions above on page 788 for Sion, following the words surrounding Satan.

How will George W. Bush fare when the righteous are lifted up and those that are high are made low?  It is a question we all should ask of ourselves, as well as regarding those officials we vote to hold office as our representatives.


Words around "bush" in the English Dictionary

The definition for "bush" in my Webster's '61 dictionary falls on page 301.  That is the telephone area code and the last three digits of the zip code of Boulder Colorado where I was raised, and where a good friend of mine, Mark Thomase currently lives.  He was the one who in August of 1999 had a vision or angelic revelation given him in which he was told that President Bush would win this election and that he would not be as much entangled with the New World Order conspiracy as his dad was.

One of the words not far before "bush" on page 301 is "bury."  The death sentences in Texas comes to mind, including instances of innocence.  Also, the dead body count that follows Dubya's dad and his empire is not completely isolated from himself.

Another word prior to "bush" on page 303 (Web '61) is

busboy : a boy or man who cleans up restaurant tables for reuse, removes dirty dishes, keeps ready a supply of needed items, and helps clean up the place.

I realize that I am picking and choosing words here, but this one jumps out at me as having particularly significant ramifications.  Will Dubya be on duty when this nation is set in order -- for reuse by the next round of citizens who trust God and not man, as Babylon the Great comes tumbling down?

Another word whose root takes up one of the three columns on the page is "burst."


by Sterling D. Allan; Manti, Utah; October 24, 2000

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7.8.9 - This numeric sequence is made more significant by the fact that the name GEORGE WALKER BUSH in alphabetics times 6 conversion [click here for calculator] is equal to 678 [6.7.8]

A tie into the author of this discovery: Sterling D. Allan
Speaking of 694 and silver, as another witness to the intention behind these word-number correlations, the gametria for 'sterling' transliterated into Greek is 695, and word 695 means "silversmith." s(200) + t(300) + e(5) + r(100) + l(30) + i(10) + n(50) [g is silent] = 695.  That word comes on page 250 of Zodhiates.  25 is the number of David.  The gametria for 'David' in Hebrew is 69, the first two digits of the 69X series here. Word 688 means "sterile" which is right next to "sterling" in English, just as 68 is next to 69. Word 689 means "high" which is the meaning of "elone" (5945) in Hebrew, which is close to the pronunciation of "Allan." Word 691 mentions "nothing" in its definition, which is one of the meanings given "el" in Hebrew, and hence which comes up several times in close vicinity to other Hebrew spellings close to "allan."  Word 692 mentions the meaning of "insincere" which is an antonym meaning of "sterling/genuine" in English.  The words 693-696 all mention silver.  These allusions to the author of this discovery are all consistent with the idea of "nearer, next, very near, close" as given in definition 788.

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