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In 2002, I was one of two people who launched a campaign to have Ron Paul run for President in 2004. We ran a petition drive which collected a few thousand signatures, but he eventually politely declined. I then thought that I should throw my hat in the ring as token gesture, to at least have a showing of someone standing for those values in the campaign. In retrospect, that was obviously a Quixotic notion. 

While the concept of Ron Paul's suitability to run for president is an example of seeing things ahead of time, and being on the cutting edge of a trend; the notion of me running was clearly misguided.

This page previously had my reasons for believing that this might be a good idea and possibly even predicted in the codes. Maybe the future will shed more light on this, but presently it only seems to be a notion out of touch with reality.

Mistakes of the past can be helpful in guiding success in the future.

If I had time, I would revise and remove much of the content on this site, as I no longer see things the way I used to, though these past paths certainly helped shape me into the person I am today.

-- Sterling (January 20, 2013)



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