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People Foretold in Alphabetics Word-Number Scripture Code

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        The following is but a small sampling of the studies that have been done on specific names, both scriptural and contemporary.  These can give you an idea of how to go about looking up your own name and the numbers associate with you.

Alphabetics on 888 (Jesus) -- and 888 on Alphabetics
New code provides witness and insight on Christ's first and second comings, which presentation likewise contains direct validations of the new code.
There is a great deal of insight to be gained regarding the 144,000 by looking up words and pages 144 in scripture-based texts.
Alphabetics and God the Father and Mother
The very first word of the Hebrew Old Testament, listed alphabetically, is Ab "Father." Ab is spelled aleph, bet and corresponds to the English word: ALPHABET. This is fitting, as the whole premise of Alphabetics is that in the alphabetical sequence of scriptural words is a testimony of the work of the Father in these latter days, revealing who's who and what's what.
Messiah versus Lucifer expounded in 767
With A=100, B=101, etc., 'MESSIAH' = 767 = 'LUCIFER.'  Scripture words and pages numbered 767 provide commentary on the contrast between these two.
First, Last, Middle and Messiah's Mission and Identity
Jesus=888 is Christ=1480
Validations by the very word numbering and even the page numbering of a New Testament Greek lexicon that Jesus is the Christ; that he is both necessary and sufficient.   On page 1480 (a number of "Christ") is featured word 888 (a number of "Jesus"). On the next page is the definition, "one who is named."
Nikola Tesla in Alphabetics Bible Code - A look at the years of Tesla's death and birth, as well as the room number in the New Yorker where he passed away, reveals some fascinating commentary on this phenomenal inventor whose work is still being brought into fruition to transform our world -- again. (GreaterThings; Feb. 16, 2010) (Comment)
'You' and alpha & omega
Hebrew, Greek and English spelling of "you" (e.g. aleph, taw in Hebrew) confirms our godly potential as spiritual offspring of deity.
Free Energy Quest guest specified by name in Alphabetics - In looking up the url of the Rense Radio Archives for my Free Energy Quest show in Alphabetics, it not only gave the most general explanation imaginable: solar, via web-highway: but also gave the specific name and phone number of the guest I had scheduled for today: Sampson, 0490. (PESN; November 4, 2014)
John D. Lee -- Portrait of a Mormon Scapegoat; Again the Second Time
"Perhaps the most controversial figure in Mormon history" now incarnate as a modern spokesman for avoiding violence; and still controversial.
Sterling D. Allan for U.S. President 2004 Foretold in Alphabetics Bible Code
Code predicts landmark 2004 race and possible surprise win.  Campaign to give U.S. citizens a choice of averting the path to destruction upon which they are currently set. (Sept. 30, 2003)
George W. Bush in Alphabetics
Al Gore in Alphabetics
George W. Bush
Prince Charles -- Anti-Christ or Davidic Servant?
'Charles' inserts alphabetically on page 667 of Thayer's New Testament lexicon.  Abounding opposites present an invitation to choose either the path of anti-Christ or Davidic Servant. (3/20/02)
Bill, Clinton; Monica, Lewinsky vicinity words in the English Dictionary
Clinquant: "Something with a false and showy glitter," >Clinton
bilk, >bill
lewd, >Lewinsky.
Clinton's Tainted Prison Blood Scandal foretold in Alphabetics Bible Code
While he was Governor of Arkansas, one of the scandals in which Bill Clinton involved was the selling of Prison blood under loose and dangerous scrutiny. A batch of this ended up in Canadian and other countries' supplies for transfusions, making 80,000 sick and killing thousands. The Alphabetics Bible Code shows that the essential components of the plot in William (Sullivan's) Galster's "fictional" novel about an angry father who seeks vengeance and infects the President with an injection of his son's AIDS-tainted blood during a handshake actually happened.


Clinton defiant

Elian Gonzalez Case Expounded in Alphabetics Code
The words surrounding the alphabetical insertion point of 'Elian' in English provide prophetic commentary on his plight and the importance of freedom. (4/6/00)
Sterling + Cheri's Wedding Foretold in the Alphabetic Bible Coding
Everything from our new apartment address to the engagement ring amount is encoded in the Bible lexicons, both in the word numbers and in the page numbers. (8 pp.)
engaged_75.GIF (2182 bytes)
Our Phone Suffix, 1625, and My Nurturing Wife
My Social Security Number In the Old and New Testament Lexicons
For example, word 2569 in Greek: "as a result of one's labor." Word 2569 in Hebrew: "paid as a tax." Page 2569 in Eng. dictionary: "wages." Word 523 in Greek: "legal exaction."  (4 pp.)
Parallel Pages in Webster=p.583=p.0173
583-0173 = former phone number of a friend.  Pages by that number in my Webster's dictionary illustrate the opposing synergisms of male/female relationships. (1 p.)
Words around Henry Higgins in English
English alphabetic sequence presents Eliza and Henry Higgins as prophetic metaphors of the bride (church)  and husband (Lord) relationship.   (2 pp.)
Tender Branch
One of the descriptions of the Davidic Servant alluding to the high being made low, and the low, high.
Shechinah Chiasm
Gayle Smith's Phone Suffix in the Old Testament Lexicon
8045 Heb. = "destruction."   Follow-up from the essay, An Urgent Warning of Pending Calamities relating Gayle's Visions of coming calamities in the Wasatch Front, Utah and the World. (1 p)
Christmatics - The Code the Counts
Waldo Larson shows number-alphabet correlations that witness of Jesus Christ.



Other People
(Need to Know these individuals to Appreciate these reports to any degree)
Randall & Laura Shortridge's Phone Number in Alphabetics Bible Code
John-i-hah -- the wild man
Dean Wurston: One Held in Reserve
George Randall Klimt: Profile of an Outcast for Christ


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