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You are here: Greater Things > Alphabetics > Places / Organizations > LDS Church Administration Building

LDS Church Administration Building Address in Alphabetics Code

Names and numbers of the address for the Mormon Church leadership headquarters contain prophetic commentary about salt losing its savor.


bullet Physical/Mailing Address

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Administration Building
47 E. South Temple St.
Salt Lake City, UT 84150

Index of Word-Number Study Links:

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Salt Lake City


bullet Address-Relevant Studies

The following studies take the various words and numbers of the mailing address and offer commentary.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - how are we doing in relation to 666 and the mark of the beast?
47 in Alphabetics
47 "strong, mighty, used of men..."
(Word 47 in Gesenius' Old Testament lexicon)
47 "Purity.
  Syn.: (2514), the state of remaining clean; (2512), the act or process of cleansing, corresponding to (49), ceremonial purification.
  Ant.: (3393), defilement occasioned by one's contact with the world."
(Word 47 in Zodhiates' New Testament lexicon.)
Salt Lake City - name conveys prophecy of saints being set to be a light to the world and savor of men, and of prophecies regarding salt losing its savor.
Editorial > Curious Metaphor -- Great Salt Lake Losing Its Savor - lake salinity one forth of what it was 30 years ago.
Alphabetics > Mormons and Area Code 801 -- Salt Losing Savor?
Words Around 'Mormon' in the Bible Dictionaries - insertion point of 'Mormon' in New Testament lexicon: 'Foolish, as salt without savor;' in the Old Testament: 'To be trodden under feet.'
Essay > Constitution & Gospel -- the Law and the Word of the Lord - Is the reason our society as a whole has fallen from God's favor because the salt has lost its savor?
Chiasms > Law and Word Essay 'Salt Lost Savor' Set
excerpt :
U-1 Is THE REASON our society as a whole
U-2 has fallen from God's favor
U-3 because the salt
U-4 has lost its savor?
U-1 This ancient secret combination, like one that threatens the world today,
U-2 had usurped the Nephite's virtuous government
U-3 and even "seduced the more part of the righteous
U-4 until they had come down to believe in their works." (Hel. 7:4; 6:38.)


Parallel > Law and Word Essay 'Salt Lost Savor' set {PDF}
excerpt :
  First third of talk Second third of talk
VV Note that some of the wording here is identical to that in the prophecy in Third Nephi From the book of Helaman, we discover that these same factors laid at the root of a division
WW about our GENTILE society in general. (3 Ne. 16:15.) that occurred among the NEPHITES.
XX IS THE REASON OUR SOCIETY AS A WHOLE HAS FALLEN FROM GOD'S FAVOR BECAUSE THE SALT HAS LOST ITS SAVOR? They too had come to DESPISE THE WORD OF GOD. (Hel. 8:25.) They had also CAST AWAY THE LAWS of Mosiah, which hold remarkable similarities to the Constitution of the United States. (Hel. 4:22.)


Second Chiasm > Law and Word Essay 'Salt Lost Savor' set
excerpt :
b-1 Is the reason
b-2 our society as a whole has fallen from God's favor
b-3 because
b-4 the salt has lost
b-5 its savor?
b-1 He said the reason
b-2 destructions will come
b-3 will be "because
b-4 [we] have (1) cast away the law of the Lord of hosts, and (2) despised the word of the Holy One of Israel." (Isa. 5:24.)
b-5 The law and the word,


Substructure > Law and Word Essay 'Salt Lost Savor' set
excerpt :
a-1 As members of the Church,
a-2 collectively,
a-3 our garments are not completely clean
a-4 of the degeneration of our society.

. . b In the one hundred and third section of the Doctrine and Covenants,

. . . . c-1 the Lord told us
. . . . c-2 that He set us up "to be a light unto the world
. . . . c-3 and to be the saviors of men." (103:9.)
. . . . c-4 Have we adequately performed our obligations over the years?
. . . . c-5 The Lord seems to suggest that had we been diligent in our duties, our world would not have fallen to the state that it is now in.

. . . . . . d Continuing his above statement--this time SPECIFICALLY REFERRING TO THE NEGLIGENT MEMBERS--

. . . . c-1 the Lord said,
. . . . c-2 "inasmuch as they are not the saviors of men,
. . . . c-3 they are as salt that has lost its savor,
. . . . c-4 and is thenceforth good for nothing
. . . . c-5 but to be cast out an trodden under foot of men." (103:10.)

. . b Note that some of the wording here is identical to that in the prophecy in Third Nephi about our gentile society in general. (3 Ne. 16:15.)

a-1 Is the reason our society
a-2 as a whole
a-3 has fallen from God's favor
a-4 because the salt has lost its savor?


Book > A Mighty Change: Salt Lost Savor; Curses of God - ramifications of condemnation.
News > Upon My House Shall it Begin -- Church Salt Losing Savor - News clippings that evidence the salt having lost its savor.
U.S.A./Utah in Alphabetics - Prophetic commentary in words surrounding "Utah" and "U.S.A." in the English Dictionary.
[8]4150 in Alphabetics
4150 "(2) an assembly; holy tabernacle...of the covenant. (3) a place in which an assembly is held, of the temple; ...high places and seats of the prophets. (4) an appointed sign, a signal."
(Word 47 in Gesenius' Old Testament lexicon)
4150 "To wash, as garments.
  Syn. nipto, to wash; louo, bathe; aponipto to wash off; baptizo, to baptize, dip; katharizo, to cleanse; kathairo, to cleanse, purge.
  Syn. rhupoo, to become dirty; spiloo, to soil; moluno, to defile; koinoo, make unclean."
(Word 4150 in Zodhiates' New Testament lexicon.)


by Sterling D. Allan; Manti, Utah; November 19, 2000

Salt Lake Temple and Utah State Capital
(photo by Sterling D. Allan, Nov. '96)

bullet Related Sites

Tour guide description of administration building - "houses offices of Mormon church officers and their staffs. Only church officials and their guests are allowed entry."


bullet Bibliography

H.W.F. Gesenius; Gesenius' Hebrew-Chaldee Lexicon of the Old Testament; Baker Books, Grand Rapids, MI 49516; 1979. ISBN: 0-8010-3736-0 (softcover) Purchase from
James Strong; Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible; Hendrickson Publishers, ISBN 0-917006-01-1. Purchase from
Zodhiates, Spiros; Complete Word Study Dictionary: New Testament AMG Publishers, Chattanooga, TN 37422; 1992. ISBN 0-89957-663-X.  Purchase from


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Last updated on February 28, 2002

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