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Places Foretold in Alphabetics Word-Number Scripture Code


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bulletInternet Foretold in Alphabetics Bible Code
The word for WEB in Hebrew is immediately followed by a word that means HIGHWAY.
bulletLDS Administration Building Address
Names, numbers of the address for the headquarters of the Mormon Church's First Presidency, Quorum of Twelve Apostles, other general authorities contain prophetic commentary.
bullet84150: LDS Headquarters' Zip Code in the Bible
LDS Headquarters' zip code = 84150.  Direct pertinence of words 4150 in Hebrew and Greek lexicons.  "Place of assembly," "tabernacle," "temple," "seat of the prophets," "an appointed sign," "the vision belongs to a time."
bulletWords around Provo in English
A city set on a hill, and noted for its "seven peaks."  Alphabetic sequence of words before and after Provo:  "proud, prove, proverb, providence, provision, provisional, proviso, Provo, provocation, provoke, provost, prow, prowess, proxy, prude, prune."
bulletWords around Utah in Webster's
Alphabetically: urim, us, U.S.A., usurp, usury [exchangers], Utah, Ute [gospel taken from Gentiles, given to remnant of Jacob].  (3pp.)
bullet173 and Clinton's Blood Trail
The number of my address when I lived in Alpine, Utah ends up being a catalyst for discovering an Alphabetics Bible coding of Clinton's Tainted Prison Blood Scandal.
bulletKeppe Headquarters zip code a disinversion counter-point to Mormon Headquarters zip code - In a world where everything is up-side-down, let's take a look at what the Alphabetics code I discovered has to say about how the STOP the Destruction of the World organization is turning things right side up, and its relevance the emergence of exotic free energy technologies. (PESN; February 3, 2013)
bulletHow I Ended Up Getting the Address 666 S. 60 E.
Sterling Allan, known most for his index of studies on 666, ironically ends up getting the address 666 South -- hopefully as an opposite manifestation!
bulletIvory:  Ministering in the Sun
Dad & Mom's Mission call to the Ivory Coast, described in the Old & New Testament alphabetics. (4pp.)


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Last updated on October 02, 2013

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