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Wirthlin Worldwide* in Alphabetics

*Wirthlin Worldwide is a national opinion research firm, whose main telephone polling office is located at 1998 S. Columbia Lane, Orem, UT 84097. 
(801) 226-1524; FAX 226-

The Alphabetical Insertion Point of "Wirthlin Worldwide" in the English Dictionary

winze, A small shaft in a mine sunk from one level to another, for ventilation or communication.

wire, A thread of metal; a telegraph wire, hence, the telegraph**An active telephone connection.

wireless, wireless telegraphy or wireless telephone.

wirephoto, A photograph transmitted over telephone wires by electronic impulses and subsequently reproduced at the receiving end.

wirepuller, One who pulls the wires of puppets, hence, one who instigates the actions of others without his influence or appearing; an intriguer. [e.g. pollsters who ask leading questions to affect a certain outcome and thereby sway public sentiment toward a particular bias.]

wiretap, To tap, as a telephone, in order to monitor transmissions.

>[Wirthlin Worldwide, A national research firm, taking surveys by telephone.]

wiry, Made of wire; like wire; tough; lean and sinewy. [Comment: As a potential employee debates whether to work for Wirthlin Worldwide, a negative factor to weigh is that sitting at a phone desk all day does nothing to promote the body's muscle mass, whereas many other jobs, such as construction, promote physical strength.]

wise, Having the power of discerning and judging correctly. [Comment: The irony of this job is that while following directions precisely and recording responses verbatim would seem to be robotic in nature, actually there is a great deal of discernment required in the formulating of the questions and in the general interaction with the participant to assure that the interviewer asserts as little bias as possible into the results of the survey.]


Wirthlin Worldwide's Fax Number: 3483

In The New Testament Greek Lexicon

3483 nai nai, Yea, yes, certainty. (I) In answer to a question. (II) As expressing assent to the words or deeds of another. (III) In strong affirmation. Ant. ou (3756), no; me (3361), no.

In The Old Testament Hebrew Lexicon

3483 %9:* yishrah, Uprightness, integrity.

by Sterling D. Allan; Mapleton, Utah; May 8, 1998

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