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Year 2000 Foretold in Alphabetics Bible Code
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"Year 2000 in the Bible"

      Word 2000 in Hebrew Old Testament lexicon and word 2000 in the Greek New Testament lexicon have parallel meanings.  How might these relate to issues facing us in this year 2000 A.D.

            "dangerous, near to falling" (NT);
            "wealth; utter destruction" (OT).

      Remember, though, that these reflect probable futures.  How it actually turns out is up to us. 
      Physical destruction is not absolutely necessary to bring Zion. Babylon can be destroyed by a change of heart.

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bullet  Word 2000 in the Greek New Testament Lexicon

Word #2000 in Zodhitates' New Testament Greek Lexicon (alphabetically lists all words used in the NT, with standard numbering established by James Strong) has the following definition:

2000 "B4FN"80H episphals (from epi, for, and sphallo, to supplant, throw down) Literally, near to falling, ready to fall, not firm, insecure, dangerous. Also from spháll: asphals (804), firm, sure.


bullet  Word 2000 in the Hebrew Old Testament Lexicon

Word #2000 in Gesenius' Hebrew Lexicon (O.T.) has the following definition:

2000  ./% hâmam To put in motion; hence, (1) to impel, to drive. Isa. 28:28, "he drives the wheels of his threshing wain." (2) to disturb, to put into commotion, to put to flight. 2 Ch. 15:6, "God disturbed them with every misery." Hence, (3) to destroy utterly, to make extinct.

2000a  0/% hâmôn To make a noise, to rage. see 1995 hâmôn (1) noise, especially of a multitude; (2) a multitude of men itself; (3) plenty, wealth, riches.


Sterling D. Allan; Alpine, Utah; January 2, 1998


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bullet Bibliography

H.W.F. Gesenius, Gesenius' Hebrew-Chaldee Lexicon of the Old Testament; Baker Books, Grand Rapids, MI 49516; 1979. ISBN: 0-8010-3736-0. Purchase Now from
James Strong; Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible; Hendrickson Publishers, ISBN 0-917006-01-1. Purchase Now from
Spiros Zodhiates, Complete Word Study Dictionary: New Testament AMG Publishers, Chattanooga, TN 37422; 1992. ISBN 0-89957-663-X. Purchase Now from


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