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Years, Dates, Events in Alphabetics Word-Number Scripture Code



911 -- Sept. 11, 2001 Attack in Alphabetics code
"911 was an inside job" confirmed in Alphabetics - Points to Jonathan Cahn's Harbinger concept as well. (GreaterThings; September 10, 2015)
Words 1770 - 1792 in Greek and the years surrounding the Birth of the United States of America - Words 1770-1792 in the New Testament lexicon correlate with the years by that number and the founding of the United States of America, the Revolutionary War, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitutional Convention, and the Founding of the first Congress; but also includes cogent commentary on current circumstances.
Featured: US Govt. > Constitution >
U.S. Constitution affirmed by Alphabetics - [Signed Sept. 17, 1787] Vicinity definitions from the Old and New Testament lexicons include: to will; laid as a foundation, a fundamental principle; to be constituted; to establish a statute; to constitute; to rule over; the ark of the testimony; firm roots. (GreaterThings; September 14, 2015)
Gettysburg Address Modernized by Bible Alphabetics - I had no idea what a jewel I would find when I thought to just look up the ASCII sum for "Gettysburg Address" and look up that number in the Old and New Testament lexicons. Also looked up "Abraham Lincoln", "November 19, 1863", and even the url of this page. Also looked up the number 1863 in the lexicons. (GreaterThings; November 21, 2014)
2012 in Alphabetics Bible Code - "The words and numbers corresponding to 2012 and 1221 in the Old and New Testament Hebrew and Greek lexicons as well as the English dictionary tie into the idea of a great transformation to take place." Too much spare time on your hands, Sterling? Not hardly. (GreaterThings; Feb. 15, 2010)
Nikola Tesla in Alphabetics Bible Code - A look at the years of Tesla's death and birth, as well as the room number in the New Yorker where he passed away, reveals some fascinating commentary on this phenomenal inventor whose work is still being brought into fruition to transform our world -- again. (GreaterThings; Feb. 16, 2010) (Comment)
'Peace and Safety' Speech to UN by President Bush, Sept. 2002, Fulfills Prophecy - 2726-word speech portends sudden destruction, rather than peace.  
Words 2000 through 2020 in New Testament Greek, and their probable parallels to coming years -- a prophecy of the future? (4pp.)
Flight 587 in Alphabetics code -- prophetic commentary on Queens crash - Phrases include: 'to travel abroad,' 'to leap as a horse,' 'to lift up,' 'burning,' 'ambush,' 'to enter into a house'
Christmas Paganism and Peace in Bible Codes
Looks at the number 359 (day of year) and its connection to Satan, Santa, death, tree, and Messiah. Discerning ungodly features and embracing the holy.
1260 Days of Tribulation in Jerusalem, D.C. and Utah
Words and pages 1260 describe the period of temporary bondage of the reign of the beast, tying in to Israel, the U.S., and Utah.
365 and Happy New Year in Alphabetics Bible Code
Words and pages numbered 365 in Old and New Testament lexicons and English dictionary describe ringing in new year, century, millennium with prophetic commentary.
Year 2000 A.D. "Dangerous; Near to Falling" with Retrospect Comment 
Word 2000 in Hebrew & Greek lexicons have parallel meanings, both of which are relevant to what we as a civilization face in this coming year.  "Dangerous, near to falling" (NT); "wealth; utter destruction" (OT).  How will we respond to the challenges that will face us.  With Y2K, we could say, 'well done,' but that is not the only predicament that faces us in this coming year.
Year 2000 Synonyms and Antonyms in the NT Greek
Word 2000 means "near to falling." Its antonyms mean "steadfast," and link to such concepts as alpha & omega, Messiah, and the Book of Mormon; but don't reflect positively on the mainstream of people who claim to adhere to that book.
1820-1830: Joseph Smith in the New Testament
Words 1820 - 1830 in the New Testament Greek and their parallel to years by that number in association with Joseph Smith and the restoration of the fullness of the gospel.
Salt Lake City Olympics 2002 in Alphabetics Code
On pages 385 (pending Utah telephone area code) of Zodhiates' New Testament lexicon and Webster's '71 English dictionary are the words 'gumnasio' and 'gumnasion' (gymnasium).
May 5, 2000 Planetary Alignment Foretold in Alphabetics
"celestial, harmonics, foretold, darkness, smoke, blackness, tempest, gloom, chaff, tares, winnowing, smoke which lifts itself up in dense volume, mother earth, changes." <en Espaρol>
Years of my life in parallel to words 1993 through 1998 of the New Testament Greek Lexicon



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