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GOD the FATHER and MOTHER in Alphabetics

        Some interesting witnesses and enlightening insights may be gained by using the Alphabetics approach to studying the word "Father" and "Mother."

bullet "Father" = Alpha Bet

The very first word, the alpha word, in the alphabetical listing of all the words of the Hebrew Old Testament is ab or "Father."  This Hebrew word may sound familiar because of the cry of Jesus, "abba, Father," as recorded in the New Testament. (Mark 14:13; see also Romans 8:15; Galatians 4:6.) AB aleph,bet

This Hebrew word for Father, Ab, is spelled aleph Aleph, bet Bet, which are the first two letters of the 22-letter Hebrew alphabet.

Aleph Aleph is the Hebrew equivalent of the Greek alpha A, which is the first letter of that alphabet as well.  Aleph and Alpha are the equivalent of the first letter, A, in the Enlgish alphabet.  The Hebrew Bet is equivalent to the Greek Beta which is equivalent to the English B.

Combining these languages, the Hebrew word for "Father," Ab, spelled aleph, bet, could also be represented as the Greek alpha and the Hebrew bet, creating the English word: ALPHABET.

Therefore, another name for "Father" is Alphabet -- and interesting synonym of "THE WORD."  Do not the scriptures say, "In the beginning was the word..." (John 1:1; I John 1:1; D&C 93:8.)  And are not words made up of letters of the alphabet?

Indeed, in the very alphabetical sequence of the words is found a prophetic testimony of the work of the Father in these latter days.  This phenomenon is what I call Alphabetics.  It holds particularly true of the words of scripture, especially in the Hebrew Old Testament, the Greek New Testament, and the English King James Bible (which was the touchstone of the original Webster's Dictionary).


bullet Father on Page 828 in Webster's III'61

Above, we saw that in Hebrew, "Father," comes as the very first word of all words of the Old Testament, listed alphabetically.

Now we will see that "Father" is connected to the very end, or Omega.   Again, this witness comes through the usage of language in its alphabetical occurence.  This time, the connection is so unusual as to stretch credulity to its limit, yet we ought not ignore this or write it off as insignificant.

This is one of many illustrations that even the very page numbers of the dictionaries and lexicons and the scriptures are often significant and correlate in an astonishing manner.

I like to use an old, large library-sized Webster's III61 English dictionary which I purchased for $11.00 at a used bookstore. It turns out that the entry "Father" and its derivatives is on page 828 in that dictionary.  Meanwhile, page 828 of the current LDS Topical Guide/Bible Dictionary/Joseph Smith Translation Appendix/Gazetteer, comes on the very last page, the omega page, just before the colored maps.

Word number 828 in the New Testament Greek lexicon (Thayer's) means "magesty."

Word number 829 in the Old Testament Hebrew lexicon comes from the word "fire"(1)  and "ox."  Like "A is for Apple" in Enlish, "ox" is a primary meaning of the letter aleph in Hebrew.

Word 827 in Hebrew means "hiding."  (See comment on "hidden Messiah" below.)  e.g. the mystery of God.


bullet Father and Mother in the Spelling of "Father"

Each of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet has meaning.  Much can be learned about a word by considering the letters which make up that word. (Sampson.)   Though there is some variation from one scholarly source to another reporting on this subject, usually the primary meanings are consistent from one to the next.

Aleph is considered as male and is a foremost representation of God.   With the first word, ab, this fits the image of God the Father.

Bet is consered female, representing the womb or house.  That the letter bet is part of the word for "Father" is very interesting.  First, generally speaking, there can be no father without a mother.  Both come together to produce offspring.  Second, regarding God the Father, this is evidence derived from the very language of scripture, that God the Father is not alone but that he is accompanied by a companion, Heavenly Mother; and that together as one they are what the scriptures call "Father."

In other words, in the very word for Father is evidence that there is also a Mother.   Considering the may references to God being "alpha and omega, the beginning and the end," because the word for "father" is the very first word in the Hebrew Biblical language (alphabetically) is further evidence that this association is meant to apply to deity as well.

Therefore, the first word alphabetically, ab, "Father," implies Father and Mother.


bullet Father and Mother Face to Face in Hebrew

Further validation for this partnership of Father and Mother is found in the very page layout of Gesenius' Hebrew/Chaldee Lexicon to the Old Testament.  The Hebrew word for Aleph spelled out (aleph, lamed, peh) is on one page, and facing it on the next page is the word for "Mother," AM, spelled aleph, mem.  This alphabetic juxtaposition, this pattern of associated words being close to each other, is a hallmark feature of the Alphabetics word coding.

page 54
words #502-507
page 55
word #517
ALPh-aleph AM-'em
Father Mother
. 'Em

Another interesting facet to the numbering here is that Mother's Day, falling on the second Sunday of May, comes anywhere between the eigth of the month or the fifteenth -- also represented as 5/08 and 5/14.  Note that words 508-514 fall between the last Hebrew word for aleph (507) and the first Hebrew word for "Mother" (517).


bullet Spelling and Pronunciation of "Mother" in Hebrew

Loosely pronounced, the Hebrew word for "Mother," 'em, is quite close to "om," as in "Mom," in English. AM-'em

It might also be loosely pronounced "am," which in the English we associate with the word "am," as in "I Am."

The second letter, mem M-end or M, in the Hebrew spelling of Mother, come in the middle, or meridian of the 22-letter Hebrew alphabet.  One of this letter's meanings is "hidden Messiah." (Sampson, p. 218.)

More to come

by Sterling D. Allan; Manti, Utah; May 7,18, 1999


bullet See also:

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bullet Feedback/Comments

From: Linda S. Youngblood <>
To: David's Outcasts <>
Date: Thursday, October 28, 1999 7:17 AM
Subject: Re: Back to the future

David's Outcasts -

Me too there an scriptural references to a female DS???!!!

Seriously though, most of the time I am wonderfully at peace with the (seeming)role of women, but sometimes something wants to make me scream that there seems to be no other role in this life and in the next, but as a baby machine.  I'm not really complaining   because there is also a very still, small voice that tells me in the back of my head that what we perceive as "the woman's role" is only a tiny part of what her real role is in the eternities.  I have always thought to myself that the power of the Priesthood  is what would create the beauty of the rose and such, but I'll bet it was a woman that designed it.

Linda Y

From: Sterling D. Allan <>
To: David's Outcasts <>; SDA Friends list <>; Greater Things Newsletter <>
Date: Thursday, October 28, 1999 11:17 AM
Subject: {888} Re: Female Davidic Servant

David's Outcasts -

SUBJECT: Female Davidic Servant


Regarding your question in humor about whether there will be a female Davidic Servant.

My understanding is that the real "hidden" Messiah in these end times who helps the family of man back into the garden is Heavenly Mother come in the flesh.  And as there may be one in particular who plays that role as an archetype (i.e. our literal heavenly mother come in the flesh), one of her missions is to stand as a representative for all women who likewise have God in them and are thus to a degree, gods in the flesh.

One of the cardinal principles in this end-time overturning restitution of all things will be the return of women back to their elevated status as equals with men, possessing gifts to synergize, each having strengths to supplement the other's weaknesses in a yin/yang relationship.

It has been the denigration of women, who are put down as the "weaker" sex, that has been at the root of so much of society's ills.  When the masculine attributes of dominance, control, power, might, brawn are seen as superior, then you have wars and rapings and the worshipping of the intellect and things technical (i.e. Babylon).

What we need is to have the feminine attributes of kindness, gentleness, intuition, humility elevated to their rightful place.

The curse of Eve, being the blunt of religious intolerance must be overcome.

If Michael is Adam, the Father of our Spirits and of our bodies (the human race), then that makes Eve the Mother of our Spirits and of our bodies.

If my premise (with tons of support materials as found at my web site, at least that part I have written up so far) is true about Father or Adam-Michael coming in these end times in the person of the Davidic Servant, then it would stand to reason that Eve, or Heavenly Mother, is here too.

Though the male Davidic Servant may be a spotlighted role in outward scripture prophecy, the word codes have a tremendous amount to say about the female counter part.

I am convinced that in retrospect, the role played by the "female Davidic Servant" as you could call her, will be the more honored one in the millennium.  She will be the one who will have been the most instrumental in bringing back the elements of mercy, gentleness, kindness, forgiveness, intuition, etc.

The very name of Father is spelled aleph, bet in Hebrew.  Aleph stands for God, and bet stands for the womb, woman, the home.

see {above}

So the "work of the father" is, ironically feminine.


Sterling D. Allan


bullet Endnotes:

(1) See Mormons and 801 to see the link between the word for "fire" and the number 801, which is the telephone area code in Wasatch Front, Utah.

bullet Bibliography:

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