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Brief Introduction to Alphabetics Scripture Code

Alphabetics: (as coined by Sterling D. Allan for this usage) Is similar to the skip-sequence cross-word Bible Code brought to the mainstream by Michael Drosnin, and fine-tuned by Grant Jeffery (The Mysterious Bible Codes).

similar to:
Mysterious Bible Codes

Alphabetics studies the meanings of the letters that spell a word and the numbers associated therewith, as well as the location of a word in an alphabetical listing and the numbers associated with that location, thereby uncovering a richly prophetic and deeply meaningful commentary placed there intentionally by all-mighty and all-knowing God regarding that word and the numbers associated therewith.

For example, the very first word (the alpha word [as in Alpha and Omega]) in the Hebrew Old Testament lexicon is ab ("!) which means "Father," as in God the Father.  It is spelled aleph, bet.  The Hebrew aleph is equivalent to the Greek alpha and the English A.  Hence ab, spelled aleph, bet, could be rendered alpha-bet, from whence comes the English word alphabet.   Thus the very word "alphabet" is synonymous with the word "Father," providing a powerful endorsement of the Alphabetics approach as being of God, by God, and about God -- who has called himself THE WORD.

Alphabetics considers the words surrounding a word in its alphabetic listing, say in a dictionary or lexicon, to reveal commentary on that word, whether it is the name of a person, place, event, date, or doctrine. Additionally, the numbering in Old and New Testament lexicons for the benefit of those who don't know Hebrew and/or Greek provides a wealth of numbered words with Biblical commentary. The high degree of applicability rules out the correlations being of mere chance or of their being solely arbitrary. Though the correlations can be minutely specific, nevertheless a degree of subjectivity always remains in their interpretation which of necessity is left to the reader's gift of discernment, which requires faith in God and his ability to communicate to us through the Holy Ghost.  I was led by the Lord to discover this alphabetics phenomenon in early 1996.

To see a sampling of studies done using this approach, go to Index of Alphabetics Word-Number Studies.

For instructions on how to do this for yourself on words, names numbers of interest to you, see Alphabetics:  Principles, Methods, Resources


by Sterling D. Allan; Manti, Utah; Sept? 2000


bullet See also:

FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions
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Alphabetics Definition
The study of (1) word meaning relationships in their alphabetical sequence context as well as (2) the numbering associated with that sequence and . . .
Brief Introduction to Alphabetics Word-Number Scripture Code
One-page explanation for those not familiar with this approach. 
Alphabetics on 888 (Jesus) -- and 888 on Alphabetics
New code provides witness and insight on Christ's first and second comings, which presentation likewise contains direct validations of the new code.
Intro for Christians familiar with Drosnin and Bible Lexicons
Alphabetics Principles, Methods, Resources
How to look things up word-number matches for yourself on topics of interest to you, such as your name, phone number, etc.
Center of the Bible -- Endorsement of Alphabetics
Top Ten Alphabetics Word and Number Studies

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