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bullet  Numeric Patterns (digressive numeric sequence)

Word number 4321 in the NT lexicon, prosanalisko, derives from the prefix pros (4314), which means "in addition to."

This is an example of a numeric pattern matching a word definition in an opposite or antonym fashion. would signify a decrease, whereas word 4321 comes from the root, "in addition to."  The idea of "greater things."

In Gesenius' OT lexicon, word 4321 appears on the same page as word 4337, which number is the half-way point of the 8674 words of the Hebrew Old Testament. (progressive numeric sequence)

Word 1234 in the OT lexicon means "to divide" and is closely allied to 1235 "a half," which ideas are intricately associated with mathematics and working with numbers. 

Another meaning of word 1234 in the OT Hebrew lexicon is "to open anything shut, so that what is shut in may be liberated and break forth," which meaning is conveyed in the very number of the word: 1,2,3,4.

Word 1234 in Greek derives from word 1111.  The sequence 1,2,3,4 represents a successive increase by 1.

-- Sterling D. Allan; Manti, Utah; Dec. ~12, 1999


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