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Alphabetics Teaser

This site presents a new discovery of a code in the alphabetical sequence of words as well as the word and page numbers associated with the words such as in a Bible lexicon. Its applications range from deliriously humorous to gravely serious.

Word 404 in the New Testament lexicon, for example, means "refresh" which is the HTML command used in custom 404 error pages to forward the page to an appropriate index.

Word 2000 in that same dictionary means "dangerous, near to falling, unstable, unsteady."

Word 1776 means "disturbance, contention."

The coming planetary alignment on May 5, 2000 is not without it's commentary as well, the code pointing to harmonics-leveraged cataclysms.

The word listed right after "web" in the Old Testament Hebrew lexicon means "highway." The word "web" falls on a page number (in Gesenius') that happens to be the telephone prefix where I was living when I wrote up this discovery.

Another match-up of interest to computer geeks is the number 127 which is the binary max. For example, on page 127 of Zodhiates' NT lexicon is word number 254. The number 254 is exactly twice 127. The binary code is defined in increments of doubled numbers. 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64.

This discovery was made on Nov. 11, 1999, which is kind of cute in that this date represented numerically is 11111999. That is about as close to a representation of the binary max 111111 that you can get in a calendar date (considering the line-up of 9's to also play into this theme).

The code includes commentary on everything from health to politics. The word immediately before "Clinton" in a large dictionary I have is "CLINQUANT: Something with a false and showy glitter."

Some of the applications are so uncannily specific as to be laughably unbelievable. For example, I looked up the number of the amount I paid for my fiancÚ's engagement ring in the New Testament lexicon. The word means "finger," and is associated with the page number, 395 (in Zodhiates), which is the house number where I was living at the time. Word number 395 occurs on page number 165 which is the apartment address number where we first lived (and still reside). That word number, 165, is on page 106, which is the house number where she was living at the time of our courtship.

Go ahead and try it. Look up the last four digits of your telephone number, for starters. Maybe the Bible turns out to be some kind of Book of Life in a way we had never before considered. I know I never look a numbers and words the same way anymore, but wonder what kind of hidden meaning they might contain.

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