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Zion Fundamentals


Zion is a society of individuals whose hearts have been changed by God, who helps them realize and accomplish their unique missions in life for the betterment of all mankind.

Page Contents:
Basic Principles Supporting Documents Unit Levels Communities

See also:
Lance Richardson - Visions of Zion



Basic Principles of a Zion Society

  1. Those who are of the age of accountability have devoted themselves to God, and have had their hearts changed by God.
  2. Because of this mighty change of heart, love and peace flow spontaneously in their midst.
  3. There are no poor among them, for they have all things in common, not by compulsion of government decree but by free-will consecration of excess to the good of all.
  4. Each individual seeks to learn his or her unique mission in life and to accomplish it well by the grace of God.  No one works for money as the objective, but they work on what they are good at and what they enjoy the most.
  5. The skilled janitor is honored as highly as the brain surgeon, for each is doing what they are gifted at doing, and each is an integral part of the body of Christ.
  6. Because people are doing what they do best, and have God's blessings upon their work, there is great abundance for all.
  7. Laws are few and simple that all may know them and obey.  They are based on eternal principles that apply to any situation that may arise.
  8. Government is mainly operated from a local level, closest to the people, and minimal in its scope.
  9. Individual responsibility, respect for the rights of others, and a desire to seek the good of the whole, are the primary principle upon which the society is governed.
  10. Vigilance against crime and corruption is paramount, so that they might be eliminated forthwith prior to gaining any stronghold.

List compilation began April 21, 2001; last updated on April 22, 2001; by Sterling D. Allan.



Documents that Address Core Zion Principles

[Re: Individual] 
Book Online > A New Testament -- A Mighty Change for a New World
- Discusses the baptism of fire and of the Holy Ghost whereby a person receives a new heart, anchored in Christ, and walks daily with the indwelling of the Spirit of God, becoming sanctified and holy, being filled with the pure love of Christ, which is charity.
[Re: Societal] 
Index > World Government -- Not IF but WHOSE
- The role each individual has in helping to promote God's government on earth based on principles of freedom and individual responsibility. 
[Re: Individual & Societal]
Essay > The Law and the Word of the Lord -- Our Duty and Our Quest
- The Word, or the gospel, relates to personal, spiritual salvation.  The law of the Lord relates to government or national, temporal salvation.  We are to be a light to the world on both issues.  How are we doing?
[Re: Individual & Societal]
Book Online > The Vision of All
The Vision of All - Comparisons between Lehite chronology and past, present, future prophecies of key events in society's timeline and of individual spiritual growth.
[Re: Individual] 
Index > Church of the Firstborn
- Those who penetrate the veil and come into communion with God and his holy angels and are called after the holy order of God.



Websites With Relevant Documents

[Re: Individual & Societal]
See PatriotSaints Links Page - List of conservative directories, news services, study sites, more.



Unit Levels of Zion

Individuals - regardless of what is happening in the surrounding environment, a person can achieve private peace through Christ.
Couples/Families - can attain peace and joy in their home environment despite any chaos in the world around them.
Groups - can likewise achieve this state
Communities - ditto
Nations - the kingdom of God on earth.



Communities Seeking Zion - For the local fellowship of charitable-minded patriot saints and groups, defending freedom and virtue against its enemies, foreign and domestic, and implementing the kingdom of God.
'Honor List' of Intentional Communities - Site created in context of Y2K survival, is probably mostly outdated.  Does not discern New Age as being problematic.
Suggestions Welcome



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