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"And if it so be that they will believe these things, then shall the greater things be manifest unto them"

-III Nephi 26:9

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FingerNewly discovered, astonishingly specific, latter-day  SCRIPTURE  CODE  based on the alphabetical context of words and their numbering.

A knowledge of Hebrew or Greek is not necessary -- definitions are given in English.

AB = aleph, bet (alphabet) in Hebrew, 'Father'



Words and Pages Numbered 666

Words 1770 - 1792 in the Greek New Testament and the years surrounding the Birth of the United States of America


Arrow   Chiasms and Parallels
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Isaiah 28 = II Nephi 28,29 parallel
II Nephi 26 chiasms & parallel
Alma 26 = D&C 11 parallel

ABBA, Father:  A. the first; B. shall be last; B. and the last; A. shall be first
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"We the People"

- The Vision of All:  Our Past, Present and Future as Foretold in Book of Mormon History
- The Law and the Word of the Lord, Our Duty and Our Quest
- Awake and Put on Strength


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Davidic Servant Multiple Mortalities Messias Excommunicated Which 'Church' Polygamy Necessary Prerequisite or Stumbling Block? Health & Fitness Miscellaneous

David's Outcasts e-mail Group
In the spirit of David who was persecuted by Saul yet remained faithful to the hope of Israel.


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